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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 8

Well that was fast I couldn't resist playing more, especially now that I have my image hosting working and it's a little faster to update with the ease of copy/paste.

So where were we? Ah yes. Last we checked, we saved King Richard in the nick of time, now all we have to do is figure out where to go next!

Heading south from Forcena leads you to the cleft of the Earth. Interesting

So THERE'S the other side of the bridge. Well, just making sure. Didn't want to uncover any plothole or something

Another crazy man in a clown suit with a cannon, hey it worked last time


Back in Maia, the king guy said head to Byzel. I hope those Pirates aren't there.

Let's go!

No pirates!

Hey it's night-time, better head to the grotto they got goin' in downtown.

Wuh-oh, slave trader

Anyone here actually believe this guy/girl/thing?

Red eyes? Some where genetic clone baby, I assume.


Palo is a very nice place.

Ah dammit, the navarre thieves took the place over

Know what? I wasn't paying attention

Bitch, get the man his whiskey.

Hey, it's Neko from Secret of Mana! Sup? ... hello?

Path to the Heavens, sounds heavenly

... And I've reached the top!

Hey, for a place so high this place is pretty nice..

[ Image Missing ]

Aw fuck. Sleeping flowers.

He certainly didn't help keep that Faerie alive

Whelp, we're headed back to Byzel already. That's so far away

... Or is it?

Another cannon!

Hey look, we're in Byzel already

Well that was easy.

It's back to the Rabite forest, with a new pink Rabite, named Rabillion or something.

What might this be?

Better use that hammer I got.

Apparently talking to statues make things happen.

Little people!

Smells like victory.

Kacey has a way with words...

Uh, okay...

After searching, no Don anywhere.


Uh-oh, Jail Bait is talking, and she can't speak particularly well...

How did he know?

Guess not

Corobokkles are dickheads. Whelp, better head back to Palo.

We're here

Up the path to the heavens, we find the corridor of wind...

The game attempts to full you with a button-pushing puzzle. Luckily, I thwarted it and emerged victorious.

Hey we're outside, must mean we're headed somewhere!

God-Beast? Sounds scary

Sounds like a plan.

That Knight is killing Jinn! Bastard!


Tzenker, eh? Looks difficult.

But this Harpy thing is very weak against Diamond Missile!

Another exploding monster.

Huff, puff and kill some ninjas.


Uh-oh, not all the 's went to sleep.

Trained monsters? As opposed to wild monsters?

Hawk is stalking me again.

Aww That's one less thing I can't kill.

At least he didn't touch Jail Bait. Then he'd really be fucked.

At least help me out, dammit

Getting closer...

Save point. Something big is about to happen.

Final door. What surprises lie ahead?

That's a very pretty fireplace...

Oh, it's a monster. A boss, at that.

One that drops out enemies and has no elemental weakness. This is hard!

Mom, I broke the fireplace.

2 Ninjas are blocking my way. This could be an issue...

Oh fuck, they're combining

This was a seriously fucking hard fight. What I would have given for a good offense here

Finally. I'll probably face them again. This is not looking good for me.

All that work just to get a stupid castle back.

Monster? Who wouldn't want to manipulate Ninjas?

Who wants this stupid castle anyways?

Amazonesses is such a long word.

Oh yeah, that's why we went to Rolante in the first place!

... It's that anthropomorphic cat. I'm getting the slight feeling that the creators of this game were furries

We all know Hawk is a furry!

Storytime! Again! So many of these!

That's the most uneventful exit I've ever seen

... And, they're gone.

Well, I guess I'm supposed to head back to Forcena, but what do you think? I've got access to a Mana stone! I could sit and grind for ages and then get my first set of class upgrades! What should I do? Go on, or level up and get kickass stronger? I still don't have all the spirits yet