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Seiken Densetsu 3

by Seiferguy

Part 9

Hey! Another update. After some leveling up in the mountains (still not 18 yet), I got tired. Let's head back to Byzel or something.

WOO FREE RIDE! It's not like rides were expensive before, but... WOO FREE!

Hey why did the music stop?

We're almost at Byzel!

Hey, why did you take a right? Byzel is to our left...

We just went in a fucking circle!

Uh oh...

I was thinking the same thing

You guys can't hear it, but there was a scream. Or at least the SNES attempted to make a scream like sound at this moment

God damn this boat is a piece of shit..


Okay, get out and swim

Zombies on a Cruise, the 3rd movie in the trilogy, sequel to Snakes on a Plane and Bears on a Submarine!

Blood, death, curses, death. That'll be important, I think.

Captain's log: Spock keeps stealing my fucking lines. I'm getting tired of this bullshit.

Well that was an insightful Captain's log

Sorry you can't see him. In the game, he flickers, I happened to take a bunch of pictures of him when he was invisible.

Your wife won't be happy.


Some friends they are!

No, of course not, I'm a

That's going to happen immediately.

Sorry, Jail Bait. Your attack sucks, and Tits can actually kill Zombies with

Ahh Genovo. I remember playing him last time. Such a fucking pain in the ass. Thankfully those extra levels I got will hold me over.

This is his ghost ride attack. It fucking hurts.

I got this cool image of 2 colors! Behold, the power of the SNES!

Shade! Too bad there's no holy-type enemies for your black magicks to attack with

You were never normal to begin with

If there's no dark Mana stone...

Hence the reason you're legally retarded

Hmm... this could be a potential problem

This is supposed to be the image of us washing ashore...

Hey a volcano!

Washed ashore. I'm sure your clothes are wet, you best be taking them off

Oh no! Trapped on a volcanic island that's about to erupt! Things look pretty shitty right now. What will they do? And is Shade a pussy spirit or is he any good? I'll probably have another update by tonight.

Ghost ship... hard? Yeah, right