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Part 1: It Begins

1: It Begins

Opening Conversation - Viddler

But the next Conjunction is over 50 years from now, and only at that time can they be used. So it was made, so it has been for millenia. This being so, I remain puzzled, Lord Doskias. Why, after so long, must we expect that law to change?
Perhaps our task should be to preserve the Keys for the future generations that will be able to use them. Or does Doskias intend to bring his awesome power to bear, and create his own Conjunction?
Watch your tongue, boy! I am the direct discendant of Marduk, son of the Creator. It is my destiny to fulfill his prophecy! If I have to step over your corpse to do so, as I did your father's, so be it.

Aspertine drifts forward angrily to admonish Doskias.

Yes, please; tell us how you will collapse time and bring the future to the present?

At this, Doskias flips, turning to yell at Gunnar, then back to the Emperor.

Enough! My plan will bring light to the Core in days instead of decades. Know this, Emperor Aspertine: in the Prophecies, Marduk teaches that one of his blood shall arise to fulfill his words!

After delivering this speech, he storms out, flanked by the two guards. Note my incredible talent for screenshotting him just as he blinks; this won't be the last time.

He is a dangerous man. He may be of Marduk's blood, but bloodline does not make one great.
But he needs the Keys to fulfill his plan...without them, he can do nothing.
That is what we should fear. He will take them from us, if he has to start a holy war to do it...Gunnar, can I count on your fleet?
As my father's before me.
Then protect the Relics. You must not let Doskias change the destiny of the world to meet his own whims...
As you wish.

...and we fade out.

Who are these people? The manual tells us little: that Doskias is an ambitious noble of the Chosen, the people of Shell 1 (the outermost of the seven World Shells). Fear not, however; we'll see much more of them later.

For now, let us turn our attention to Shell 2...

Opening FMV

We see a brief shot of three Chosen battleships descending towards the shell...

...before it cuts away to Maya and company. To her left, Grubb; to her right, Grubb's pet deathbot, Runner.

Maya hears something, and they look around... see the battleships rising over the dunes.

They run for the closest thing there is to shelter - a rock outcropping. Grubb stays in the open to get a better look at the ships' undercarriage, until Maya calls him over to the rock.

Cool! I haven't gotten that good a look at a Chosen ship in a long while.

Grubb, we need to tell Uncle about this.

Did you see it, Maya? Those ships are grown, not built!
Come on. Let's go before it comes back.

Runner can get us home fast. I refitted his legs this morning.

Runner crouches, they hop on, and off they go.

Exit Grubb. He'll be back soon enough, and Runner with him.

I need to talk to he here?
Maybe...what's it worth to ya?
Uncle's in the other room, Maya. He'll be right back.
Shut up, you traitor! You're cutting my profits here!
Did you bring us anything from the junkpiles?
Not today, I'm afraid.

While they're talking, Uncle has walked up from offscreen.

It doesn't matter. The last time they came, when Maya was your age, battles between their own tribes happened here.

Whatever, I know, I know! You and Maya have taken care of us ever never let us forget!
You're too young to really remember the devastation.
As your teacher, Azziz, would say...history falls into cycles, my boy.

They're interrupted by the door bursting open and Mayor walking in, flanked by two WorkBots.

Yes, the fresh air would do wonders for you, Uncle...
Alright, alright; ENOUGH! We're not here to eat lunch, we're here to arrest smugglers!
You'll find no lawbreakers amongst the Junkers!

Note Tori slipping out the door as soon as Mayor's back is turned. Then, as the workbots finish their first circuit of the room, Maya runs out of patience.

Mayor stalks out and the WorkBots follow him.
Oh, shut up!

Where did Tori go?
I'm not sure...
Probably to class...a place you are probably late for as well, Maya. Perhaps you can ask your teacher about these ships you saw.

And with that, the game finally starts.

Next time on LP Septerra Core: we wander around town a bit, get our limbs torn off by wolf-lizards, and go to school.