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Part 28: The Core

Sorry for the mini-update; this doesn't really fit in with either the previous update or the next one, so I meant to drop this sometime during the week and then do a real update this weekend, but papers, craziness, transistor simulation, you know how it goes. Or maybe you don't, you lucky bastard.

27a: Welcome To The Core, Cryptic Instructions A Specialty

A whole bunch of soldiers walk in right on Maya's heels.

Please, child, the conjunction draws near, would you really rather see the world destroyed than see me its savior? Do you want the world's blood on your hands?
Like the blood of Oasis on YOUR hands!? You destroyed my city -- killed my parents and hundreds of others!
Oasis? A casualty of war, child.
Take the key.
You bastard!

The conjunction should be reaching its climax, Lord.
The light of the sun is right now being focused into a beam towards the Core...
And now past meets present, to create future...I will have the Gift!

Lo, when the two halves are made one, and ye have brought together the forces of power and wisdom, it shall pass that the Legacy of the Creator shall be delivered unto the saviors. When the land shall rise and form the runes, he shall grant the power to draw the wisdom, and ye shall be judged. If worthy, ye shall have everlasting communion, the world shall be made safe, and ye shall have truly inherited the Kingdom of Heaven. If unworthy, ye shall be destroyed in the Pits of Janaak.
Withdraw thyself from the Core, and do not return.

Ultimate power in the form of a riddle?
My Lord, we must depart. What should we do with the prisoners?
Throw them into the pits, they are of no more use.
Be thankful I allowed you to bask in the glory of the Conjunction, child. But now, I have a world to save.

After a few seconds of darkness, we wake up in more generic core tileset area.

The pits must not have been as deep as Doskias thought... Come on, let's get out of here.

And that's that! We end up back at the entrance and from there it's just a short long interminable trek back to the world map.

Next time: We liberate Wind City from the grip of her opressors! Or possibly we just dick around in the woods for a few hours, I'm not particular.

Also, crab murder.