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Original Thread: It's a racist rap battle! Let's Play Sequence [Sub VLP]



What is Sequence?

Sequence is a rhythm game at the heart of things, with light hearted elements of an RPG. The game play is all rhythm game while the player levels up, has equipment, and stats like an RP.

A RPG Rhythm game? What the fuck?

Yeah, I know. Seriously it's a unique idea, and it works. It's a very fun game unlike anything I ever played before. Even if you're not a rhythm game fan it's worth watching. This is the first rhythm game I've ever played or owned and I can not gush enough about how awesome it is. It's kind of confusing to explain. So you really need to give it a look. Really, just take a look at this picture and try to figure out whats going on.

You see, you have HP, the baddies have HP, and then you've got these three DDR kind of fields going on you have to switch between to defend yourself and you beat the monsters by casting spells and... argh fuck it. Watch the first video if you want to know how the game really works.

What makes it so great?

The short answer is everything. The long answer is that the art, the writing, the full voice acting, the music, the story, and the gameplay are all fucking amazing. The game is just a thrill to play. For a little bonus, here's a link to the companys trailer preview of the game.

It's a racist rap battle?

Video #3.

Okay, I watched your videos, where can I get the game?

It's available on steam for $5. A pretty awesome deal really. Five bucks? Even if you only play through it start to finish once, you can't lose money on a 5 buck deal here.

Oh god, I love the music and have a song stuck in my head! Where can I buy the music?

Half of the games music comes from Ronald Jenkees, who will sell you his music from his own website. If it wasn't for finding Ronalds music, wiki'ing him, and then reading he was half the sound track to this game I probably would never have touched Sequence.

Table of Contents

Floor the First

Waking up and learning how to play (Warning, subtitles may be a little to fast in this video, and this video only)
Exploring Floor the First
The first Guardian
Percival on Spasmodic difficulty by KasaiAisu

Floor the Second

Learning about Guardian Effects
The Second Guardian
Donaldo on Spasmodic difficulty by KasaiAisu

Floor the Third

Clearing out Floor the Third
The Third Guardian
Caleb on Spasmodic difficulty by KasaiAisu

Floor the Fourth

Rising tensions
The Fourth Guardian
Jane on Spasmodic difficulty by KasaiAisu

Floor the Fifth

Who is that woman?
Rescuing Naia
Eddie on Spasmodic difficulty by KasaiAisu

Floor the Sixth
Surprisingly Difficult
Guardians and Plot
Adelle on Spasmodic difficulty by KasaiAisu

Floor The Seventh
Last of the mooks
Aaron the Guardian of Smug
Aaron on Spasmodic difficulty by KasaiAisu

The top of The Tower
Meeting Mir
Mir on Spasmodic difficulty by KasaiAisu

Epilogue and Secrets
They'll Never Let Us Go
??? on Spasmodic difficulty by KasaiAisu

By KasaiAisu
Spasmodic Songs #1
Spasmodic Songs #2
Spasmodic Songs #3
Spasmodic Songs #4
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