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Serious Sam

by Maxwell Adams

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Original Thread: Serious Sam: Serious Business (Co-op VLP)


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Serious Sam is the best Doom since Doom. The game is all about fighting off dozens of enemies at once.

It was developed by Croteam, the only Croatian game developers that anyone has ever heard of. It retailed for , which is odd, considering how awesome the game is.

I'll be playing through it in co-op mode with other people while using a picture-in-picture function build into the game. Videos will be available on both Dailymotion.

Serious Sam

Level 1Dailymotion  
Level 2Dailymotion  
Level 3Dailymotion  
Level 4Dailymotion  
Level 5Dailymotion  
Level 6Dailymotion  
Level 7Dailymotion  
Level 8Dailymotion  
Level 9Dailymotion  
Level 10Dailymotion Dailymotion
Level 11Dailymotion  
Level 12Dailymotion Dailymotion
Level 13Dailymotion Dailymotion
Level 14Dailymotion  
Level 15Dailymotion  

Serious Sam: Second Encounter

Level 1Google
Level 2Google
Level 3Google
Level 4Google
Level 5Google
Level 6Google
Level 7Google
Level 8Google
Level 9Google
Level 10Google
Level 11Google
Level 12Google

Serious Fanart

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