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by Kung-Fu Jesus

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Original Thread: Get Your Metroid On - Shadow Complex



Shadow Complex is a game for XBox Live Arcade by some people who call themselves Chair. These people love Super Metroid a whole lot and decided that the world could use more of it. The result was this game, which contains many many features of that beloved classic but with voice acting, 3D graphics, and Hi-Fi surround sound. Play the game, it owns.

For those of you without an XBox 360, I will be playing it. I've got some semblance of skill I guess, so this is an any% run on Hardcore. I'm going to get all the major upgrades, but I may not get every little grenade or missile pack.

And before you ask, yes, I do have a video recorded already of the sequence-breaking run and alternate ending which will be fabulous bonus content!

Let's get on with this, watch video!

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