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Part 6: Episode VI: Godslayer

Episode VI: Godslayer

Music: Suffocation ~ Grim Atmosphere

<unimpressed grunt>

I've been wanting to meet you, Godslayer.
Meh...That sounds way lamer now that I hear it out of someone else's mouth.
All those dead soldiers outside... Are you the one who killed them?
<nods> That's right.

Wait, what...?
You see, I don't want any witnesses to what is about to happen here.
<gasps> !?

<starts walking toward Nicolai> Give me the girl.

W-what's going on...?!

<draws sword> Come and take her, if you can.

<rolls eyes> Hmph.
Yeah sure, champ. You got this.

You thought Yuri was going to return and punch someone. But then you get a swerve ball and he kicks them instead. Shadow Hearts: Covenant is a game full of twists.

On a different topic, I am... not sure about Yuri's redesign. I miss the big trench coat. Especially when its replacement is a giant fanny pack with big ol' dangling belts because Yuri doesn't know how to tie the thing properly.

...Yikes. Are you OK?
I'm fine! This is fine. Nothing to worry about!

<picks himself up and scowls at Yuri> You!

Give me Jeanne.

Karin isn't quite grasping the fact that Cardinal Conrad is taking a heel turn here and tries to intervene. She gets shoved on her ass for her trouble. It's going to take a little bit more time before Karin stops being QUITE so oblivious and perpetually confused about everything.


The church door opens and several people shuffle in.

Oh hey, it's this crew of kidnapping sentai villain jobbers and the man who could not possibly scream "Mid-Boss" any louder.

You're late again!!
Ha ha ha. Relax. I had a stubborn sergeant to deal with.
And like his five identical twins or... clones or... maybe it was all just different guys with the same mustache? I dunno. It was freaky!

<starts marching toward Lenny>
Stop right there! One dumb move and the girl here dies.
Go ahead. Then you'll die next.
Hey. That's not how a hostage negotiation works!
Yep. We're just doin' an if-then statement on the state of your head attached to your shoulders.

I wouldn't expect any less. That's exactly what makes my long search for you worthwhile.
You've been looking for me?
I was ordered by the Lord to destroy a certain... traitor. A man who brought god down from heaven and tried to lay waste to the world.
But before I could, a man with the power of a demon defeated that traitor and the god he had brought down from heaven with him.
<points at Yuri> Yes! It was you who did it!
...Yup. That sounds like me. You gotta point?

I'm glad to finally meet you, the man who stole my prey from me.
Wow... you really sucked at your job. There were like... months we just ignored that old fart and wouldn't have minded if anyone else stepped up. Where the hell were you?
That traitor was a difficult man to track down.
Did you try the floating doom fortress over Wales? It was up in the sky for like two months. It was KINDA hard to miss.
That's beside the point!

But before you grow into a problem for me like that traitor, Albert Simon, I'll root you out like the weed you are!
Who are you guys?

We are Sapientes Gladio (Sages of the Sword). We alone possess the light of new hope to guide us through the 20th century.
Never heard of you.
What are you like a villain start-up or something? Between your pajamas and the gimp squad back there...
Y'all really need to workshop your uniforms. Albert Simon, now there was a baddie that knew how to dress. This is just embarrassing.

<brushes back hair> Hmph. That's fine. Once we destroy you, Godslayer, the world will learn our name.
Nobody is going to remember a big dumb French name like that.
It's Latin, fool!
Nobody cares.

Nicolai pulls out the Holy Mistletoe.

Your life will be our ticket to renown!
What you want my autograph now...?

And your soul... will be brought back into God's grace by the power of the Holy Mistletoe!
<snort> OK... Sure, buddy...

Would you look at that? Karin finally figured out that maybe her partner is a bad guy. It only took him straight up saying his guys killed all the soldiers outside, said guys taking a child hostage, ranting about belonging to some cult for a few minutes and finally taking out the holy relic that they probably actually just straight up stole from the Vatican to clue her in.

Incidentally, backing up for just a minute. I mentioned in an earlier update that the Profile section of the character status screens is a wee bit spoilery. Karin's doesn't have anything out of the ordinary.

But Cardinal Nicolai Conrad. Well... Maybe this should not be something you can read literally the moment you gain control of the game.

Hey there, is she changing sides on us?!
Was she ON our side to begin with?! You gotta tell me these kinda things, boss!

She's nothing to us. She's merely a tour guide. She'll die here along with the others.
<backs up nervously> Who are you really?!
You really should pay more attention to context clues. The Godslayer and I just had a discussion on this very topic.

It doesn't matter. Thanks for bringing us here. You might have made a fine ally. It's really quite sad.

<looks at Lenny> Let that girl go. Or else...
Yeah. Or else what?! You gonna shoot her too? Huh?

The little girl wakes up and starts struggling in Lenny's arm.

Huh?! You brat!!

Karin decides now, with a wiggling child in his arms, it is time to open fire on the kidnapper.

Hey, what the hell!? I was bluffing before! Do NONE of you know how hostage taking works!?

Lt. Koenig manages to miss with the first shot and hit literally the only armored part on the body of this seven-foot tall hulking man. I think I can now see why she uses a sword as her primary weapon.


Nicolai rushes Karin with intent to seemingly stab her with the Holy Mistletoe. Apparently, the Lieutenant burned through all of her action points firing on Lenny and is utterly unable to defend herself from a jackass charging from ten meters away. However...

You really shouldn't turn your back on Yuri when he's in a punching mood.

Music: ENDS

On the other hand, this probably isn't great...

W-what the... hell!?

<scowls> ......
<figures out what happened and chuckles>
Ahh... a-all according to plan!

...Is that good?

What... the HELL IS THIS?!


And then Yuri exploded.

Video: Episode 6 Cutscenes
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Yuri Volte Hyuga Official Art - Yuri, why do you have like a pirate jacket's giant cuffs?