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Part 115: Episode CIX: Kick Based Guilt Trip

Episode CIX: Kick Based Guilt Trip

Music: Serious Mood ~ Unrest

So a fortune teller, a pro-wrestler, a German officer, a hobo, a pervert, a Russian princess, and a samurai walk into a bar...

So you've finally come...
You're Ishimura, the Foreign Minister?
<nods> I am he.

I've wanted to meet you.
You could have just made an appointment. I am here all day.
I didn't know you were behind all this crap until now.
You're here about Japanese government interference in foreign affairs, correct?
...And your point?
I am the Foreign Affairs Minister of Japan. It's a public record.
Oh umm... hmph... I... just had to confirm a few more things first, is all.

You're Hyuga's son, aren't you?
And who has hired you to kill me? Russia? China?
The Germans? America? Those blasted Canadians?

Then why is it... <coughs> ...that you seek to take my life?
Cause you're nothing but a murdering son of a bitch.
<coughs> Hmph. Nonsense...
You're planning to use Nicolai to set off a war in Russia, aren't you?!
Technically, there already is a war in Russia. We were attempting to install a puppet leader with malleable interests in the favor of Japan. The unpopularity of the current Emperor and his regime has nothing to do with us.
Hey! Citation needed!
But, close enough...

<nods> To protect Japan from the West. Yes, that's correct.
Admittedly, it's not going as smoothly as I had hoped.
What do you mean?
Unless someone in Asia stands up to them... <coughs> the West powers will take over here. China, Korea, and Japan, all will fall. But I will not allow my beloved homeland to suffer such an ignoble destiny!
<swipes the air> That's a load of bull! Why do you have to stir up a war in Russia to do that?
You are not very well versed in the geopolitical situation of current events, are you?
I know some geography! I could find Japan and China on a map.
<deep sigh and coughs>

China capitulated, gave in to the West 100 years ago! Among all the nations of Asia, only Japan has been able to take a stand against them! But in order to successfully continue resisting, we must become bigger, and stronger! We must plant the seeds of future power now on the Asian continent. And when the moment finally arrives for us to hurry to the aid of the beleaguered Russia, it will be Japan that will become the supreme ruler of all of Eurasia!
So... that's why you've done all this?!
<nods> ...Correct.
Is that why you used Kato to kidnap Nicolai...?
It was always my firm intention to have him become the ruler of the New Russia. <coughs>
Nicolai was a willing participant at first. But then there was that whole unexpected business with Rasputin. And then Nicolai got idiotic independent ideas of his own. You see how that turned out...
And how did shocking his balls and getting him to turn into a demon help in any of this?!
That was a side project that was mostly Kato's business. China and Russia both had run-ins with otherworldly entities of immense power. Japan could use some of that juice as well.

That's insane! If you do that, it's going to set off a whole new war!

All wars end eventually. Suffering is merely temporary. <looks down and nods to himself>
<clenches fist> What about all the people that will die?!
An unfortunate necessity...
You can kill me, but my plan will not end. Someone will take my place.
<grits teeth and starts marching toward Ishimura>
Much of the world is already at war. But someday it will come to an end. It's not like a second world war will occur. That would be ridiculous. Yes... We just need to endure.

Yuri fixes to get his punching of a shitty old man on. But matters are suddenly complicated...

You hate to see a closet child suddenly appear when things are about to get violent. It's always the most awkward scene.

<gasps> Ah! No! Stay in there, Kosuke!

The little boy runs in-between Ishimura and the eager to punch Yuri and outstretches his arms.

Kosuke, get away from here!!
Leave my grandpa alone!!
<backs up> Huh?
Don't you touch my grandpa, you hear!
What's with this sassy... lost child?

Now that Ishimura's grandson has appeared to defend him, surely Yuri's anger will subside...

NOPE! Out of the fucking way, bowl cut, and take a seat! You've got front row tickets to your grandpa getting his ass whooped!

Foreign Minister Ishimura drops to his knees and starts begging Yuri.

P-please! My grandson is innocent! Don't kill him!

Damn, Yuri shoved that kid so hard he ended up in the pocket dimension where the C-List relevant party members hang out during cutscenes.

Don't kill him... I-I'm begging you... Please!

Yuri shoves Ishimura off him and to the floor.

<pants and coughs>
Don't you dare beg for his life!! What about the people you've sent to kill and die in your name?! What about the children whose lives have been snuffed out by your soldiers?! How many parents have begged, just like you, for their children's lives?!
And the guy with the magic flying pillow! I didn't even GET to find out where he got it before he croaked!


Ishimura slowly gets to his knees and turns back toward Yuri.

Music: Never Ending Sadness ~ A Lament

They cried and begged and pleaded for their lives...

Yuri is feeling the punch routine is getting a little played and is going to challenge himself to use only kicks today.

<groans in pain>

<kicks him again> How many people will you sacrifice for your stupid, petty ambitions?!

Well, I think he's had enough for now. You've done a full physical attack strike on him. So, wh—

Oh. You're just going to keep kicking the shit out of him on the ground? I think Yuri might be working out some unresolved daddy issues working for the Japanese government and dying. And the fact we didn't get to finish Nicolai. And Kato's heel turn because Yoshiko Kawashima's death and Ouka. This guy is KIND of a fucker. I'd feel like this beating would be harsher if he wasn't kicking the stuffing out of an old-ass corrupt nationalist politician. We've all been there lately.

<kicks> Protecting them from the west, huh?!
<groans in pain>
<kicks again> Well, protect this!!
<continues to get ribs smashed> Argh!

<frown> .....
Doing it for your country, huh?! <kicks>
UGH! Oooh...
<stomps> I say you did it for yourself!!

Yuri finally stops kicking and breathes heavily.

Stupid, arrogant idiot!! You should rot in hell!
Rot in hell...

Yuri falls to his hands and knees.

<repeatedly punches the ground and starts crying> Rot... in... hell...

...Yeah. Maybe let's give Yuri some space for a while.

Video: Episode 109 Highlight Reel
(You should probably watch this.)

Kosuke Ishimura Concept Art - The most ineffective small child to the rescue ever.

Foreign Minister Kantaro Ishimura Concept Art - Loves his grandson and couches. Hates the West. Not a big fan of kicking.

Ishimura's Office Concept Art - The carpet really brings the room together.