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Part 26: Episode XXVI: Aberystwyth Again

Episode XXVI: Aberystwyth Again

Music: Old Smudged Map ~ Europe

It always comes back to Wales with this series. The Rhondda Mine was nice enough to deposit us in Aberystwyth the home of Roger Bacon. Before we venture forth, let's see how Score is doing after that slog of a dungeon.

I believe we were at 62 battles last time we checked in prior to entering the Port of Southampton. So it was seventeen random battles during the course of that dungeon. And all that yet we're still outranked by a Fat Thug. I don't know about these ranking calculations.

Going to be real, I thought about bailing on some random battles toward the end there.

I remain good at hitting buttons at the correct time.

I'm not sure how Gepetto is still ahead of Joachim in the number of battles participated when he's sat out the last two dungeons. I bet that shifty old man is padding his stats.

It'll probably be a few chapters before we peek at those stats again. We may be hitting a relatively combat light stretch of the game, outside the odd boss battle. Nevertheless, Wales awaits. Let's mosey.

Music: ENDS. Sounds of the sea begin.

Yes, I know that. I mean what is this place specifically?
Oh... right...

Well, technically we fought it ABOVE this place. Like in space.
...In space?
Yeah. It's a long story. Let me back up for a minute...

NEW Music: ICARO Piano Arrangement ~ Main Theme
(You should probably listen to an arrangement of the main theme music.)

This is where it all began and where it all ended.
Well, technically it began on the Trans-Siberian railroad in rural Manchuria like a year before that. But we're just gonna skip to the relevant parts.

Six months ago there was a man who tried to destroy the world.

He raised a temple into the sky and summoned a god from beyond the stars. To remake the world in his own image.
Or just blow it up. He was kind of vague and rambling by the end.

We defeated him, and battled the god. In the end, we were saved by a legendary magician who has lived for a 1000 years.

Roger Bacon.
Wasn't Roger Bacon born in the early 1200s?
OK. Want me to amend the story to 690ish years? Sheesh.

NEW Music: Spiritualization ~ Holy Land of God
(Nice chill theme you should listen to.)

I like to think Yuri drew all those illustrations himself as visual aids for his story recap. Anyway, welcome to Wales -- home of Roger Bacon and the ruins of an ancient monastery three idiots accidentally burnt down back in 1898.

It seems Roger constructed a completely new house in the last six months since the Shadow Hearts ended. This one is located a decent clip away from Nemeton's ruins while the old house was located a short jog up a hill away from the place. I wonder if the wreckage of an ancient aliens' floating castle presumably raining all over the Welsh countryside might have taken out Roger's old haunt. Whoops!

We could head on in and see if anyone is home. However, if we approach the side of the house we'll trigger...

I am the Ring Soul... The will of the Judgment Ring, the administrator of all fate. .....Right?
Now you're clucking your tongue?!
I'm just trying to help you remember your lines.

I suppose we can have Karin join in the four-hit combo club now. Neat.

Where's the poetry? The romance?!
Put some feeling into!
I'll appear again to give you more power, and I'm watching to see if...
Hey, hey! Come on!
Get serious!'re truly the one to command destiny. Okay, bye!

Ring Soul vanishes.

Look, Ring Soul was out with the boys late last night and he's dragging this morning. Give the poor guy a break. You can't be on the ball every day of the week.

Anyway, let's head inside and see if Roger Bacon is around. Or rather, confirm he's been kidnapped since that was literally one of the first events on starting the game.

Since when were you a magician?
Of course I am. How do you think Cornelia gets animated?
I try not to think about that creepy doll if I can help it.
She is NOT creepy!
...You can keep saying that. It ain't gonna make it true.

I was always worried his old house would turn into a big robot or something.
What is a robot...?
I dunno. Which made me all the more worried about it.

What on earth is a "comic book"?
It's cute you think this guy reads anything.
I was talking to you.

Yuri runs upstairs.

It was a pain in the ass getting here. You better not have teleported yourself to the moon again or something, you old geezer!

There's no sign of Roger or anything of interest upstairs. We can do a smidgen of choice looting back downstairs though.

There's a Lottery Ticket hidden on a table at the southern end of the house. Which sense considering last we saw Roger Bacon was president of the lottery committee. Come to think of it, I wonder if Joachim knows his brother was vice president of a secret continent-spanning lottery cabal.

In the back of the house, we can find another Crest. This one comes packed with all kinds of Special ability-based buffs.

It looks like Roger's vending machine survived the move to his new digs. Unfortunately, it is a bit busted at the moment. Or maybe it's containing the spirit of some malevolent entity? I'm not quite certain while it's bound in mid-air like something you'd find in a hidden burial chamber in the back of a forbidden tomb.

Music: Holy Mistletoe ~ Graveyard

There's also a save point back here and you know what? You're flush enough with Soul Energy to go unlock another upgraded Fusion for Yuri.

I reckon we should get Yuri a proper Dark Fusion. After having Death Emperor, Czernobog and Amon in the past, the current incarnation of a goth clown with a skin condition is kind of sad.

It was really embarrassing having despair left exposed like that. I'm glad it's been sorted out.

That's more like it for a Dark elemental Fusion. Orexis gains a stat boost of:
Not too shabby at all.

Orexis also retains its predecessor's Surge and Hell's Eye attacks. But it can now potentially learn:

Mind Assault: 1 MP. Steals a small amount of MP. Gotta spend manna to make mana. Or just have whoever is on support use a consumable.
Dark Claw: 35 MP. Single target Dark elemental attack. Par for the course for these Level 2 Fusions.

Music: Spiritualization ~ Holy Land of God

Welp. Looks like Roger Bacon isn't home. Since he got kidnapped by Lenny about nine in-game hours ago and all. All we can do now is head on out.

Maybe he went for a walk...?
Yeah, maybe.
Not like there's a lot to do in Wales if you're not interested in punching ghosts.

The party exits Roger's home.

Tough luck for you!

Music: Suffocation ~ Grim Atmosphere

It's them...!
Ha! It's just like Nicolai said!

I like the mental image of Lenny and his two knife-hand stooges having spent the last ten minutes scampering up the side of Roger Bacon's house so they can pose on the roof. Those two goons in full plate armor are drenched in sweat right now.

Too bad, but that old geezer isn't here. By this time, he's in a cage far away.

Action jump to superhero landing. Lenny's been waiting all day to do that.

Unfortunately, nobody is impressed with this mid-boss' theatrics.

Heh heh heh!

Where is he?
I can't tell you.
<smirks> Cause you don't know?
I know, all right.

Music: ENDS

Then where?
I'm not saying.

I knew it. You got no idea.
Hey, Lackey #1? You two know where the old man is?
Hey! They don't! I do! I'm in charge here!
Uh-huh. What about you Goon B? Do you know where Roger Bacon is?

I told ya, ya little punk!! I do know.
<crosses arms> ...Right.

<nervously look around and back up from Lenny>
<smirks and puts hands on hips> Yeah, right...

<gasp and looks around nervously> Oops!!

Welp. We know where to go next. With that information in hand, everyone proceeds to ignore Lenny and immediately leave.

Yuri sighs and shakes his head in disappointment that actually worked before moseying off as well. He's likely longing for the days where evil Chinese sorcerers disguised themselves as puppies and through their demonic cat at people.

Oooooohh nohoho! <sobs>

Poor Lenny just cannot catch a break. At this rate, a palette-swapped version of Lenny is going to start showing up as a common enemy in a dungeon or two from now.

Lenny springs back to his feet.

Wait!! Stop right there!

Music: Flame of Strain to Blaze ~ Tension

You ignoring me?!
<stops and sighs>

What now?
<stomps up and down> Don't ignore me!
I don't even know where Italy is but it's probably a long walk. Can we just not do the boss fight thing today?

You think yer smart, but now you know too much for yer own good!

Got to save face somehow. Tune in next time as known mid-boss Lenny handily loses a fight against the party as Shadow Hearts: Covenant continues.

Video: Episode 26 Highlight Reel
(You should definitely watch this!)

Roger Bacon's House Concept Art - I don't think I'd describe this as quaint.