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Part 46: Episode XLII: The Key to Success (Part 2)

(That update was long enough that I had to break it in half to post.)

Now that we have obtained the makeshift key, it's time to explore the lower floor of the previous hallway that we kept neglecting to investigate.

At the bottom of the stairs, we find a sampling of fruit that will cure all status ailments and ring abnormalities. We'd be in a pretty bad spot if a character managed to get both types of debuffs applied in a single fight. Also, Blanca literally just got an ability that does this same thing in the last Wolf Bout. But, sure. It wouldn't be Shadow Hearts if there wasn't fifteen consumable items that did slightly different versions and strengths of the same thing.

Continuing along the path, we come upon Veronica's torture chamber. There's nothing to be done here but relive fond memories human rights violations and the distant echo on the wind of a haughty "More volts! More!"

The next room over might not look particularly recognizable since it's literally a copy and paste of the room where Blanca fought Oscar the guard dog at a different camera angle. But this is actually where Veronica subdued the party with perfume sleeping gas AOE or however the hell that worked. You know, I don't recall seeing that giant green Super Mario Bros. pipe in here last time. But if we investigate further, a certain luchador vampire may have his eye on it...

Music: Gathering God ~ Thrill

A pipe?
The hell does "earthen" even mean?
You know... like a clay pipe.
Then why didn't you just say clay pipe?
It's the technical term for it!
Do we need the technical term for a hunk of trash?

Hmm. Nice pipe...
I wonder what a pipe is doing inside a stone building like this? Who could've put it here?

It's not filled with a damn thing!
To make no mention we're already indoors. It wouldn't shelter animals from a thing.
Heck, I think we're underground right now.
That's like double-indoors!

Look at it! See?! Completely empty! Hollow pipe! Get it? Hollow!
Joachim: I'll use it as a straw, then.

And so Joachim obtains his next weapon upgrade -- just a big ass broken sewer pipe. Do you think he's going to return that mailbox full of war letters next time we're in Wales? I'm doubtful. Anyway, this provides +66 Physical and +53 Special Attack Power.

Joachim walks off with his new Earthen Pipe in tow.

<nods> Yup. Not even a lukewarm one...
How long before we find out he got arrested from stealing something to use as a bludgeon?
I give it a month, tops.

Music: In Darkness of a Labyrinth ~ Dungeon

Continuing to loot everyone not bolted down before we leave this place behind, on the higher level of this room we find the first 10 SP restoring consumable. It is kind of odd they'd give us the full SP restoring consumable before we see the high-grade version. But Shadow Hearts: Covenant plays by its own rules.

There's also another Lottery Ticket hidden in a random pixel on the opposite side of the room. Sneaky.

Heading upstairs from here just loops us back around to the room with the prisoners and the keypad code locked door. We're not really given a strong indication of where the hell to go but...

Remember doing Blanca's stealth segment where two guards were bitching about their work conditions lately and how the bosses were slave drivers and the tutorial for slowly walking over bramble? It's that door. Despite running past it no less than three times, I still had to look it up to recall because every hall in this dungeon looks exactly the same.

In any case, we run into a save point the door to use that makeshift key on ahead. I do believe we're nearing the end of this prison maze at long last. For now. This dungeon actually has a whole 'nother level to it and multiple sidequests returning here. Yippee...

Before we venture forward... Do you remember those Mirror Bracelets we bought? Yeah, it's time to equip them on everyone (the Zodiac Bracelet will round out the fourth party member.) It'll make the difference between a moderately challenging encounter and flaying around keeping up with status ailments forever slog.

We're also going to take a moment to pump a couple of levels of Soul Energy into the Grano Fusion. This may also aid us in the near future. It's gonna get windy in here soon.

Music: ENDS

Heading in, we discover a tiny Roger Bacon shaped man in an iron mask. It's a real shame he went back to faux-monk clothing after his dapper suit attire from the first Shadow Hearts. Also, in here we are met with...

Now you're trapped!
So where's your leader, Nicolai?
He's not here anymore.
So where is he?
I'm not telling you.
<smirks> You don't know.

<glares> Yes, I do.

So where?
I'm... not... telling.
Psst... What is he doing?
Just watch. It's an elaborate mind game.
He's just saying the same thing over and over.
Mhm. Crafty. <taps forehead>

<smirks> I knew it. You don't know.
<glares and raises voice> I just told you I do know!!
<crosses arms> Yeah, right.

What kind of an idiot would fall for your stupid little trick?!
They would have to be the biggest, my gullible rube to walk the earth to get even a scrap of information from that childish ploy.



I'll kill you for that!! I swear I'll kill you!!

Tune in next time in which Lenny attempts to make good on that threat by throwing the entire remaining Claw Soldier squadron at the party. No, for real. All of them. And maybe more, as Shadow Hearts: Covenant continues.

Video: Episode 42 Highlight Reel
(Yuri, why you got to do Lenny like that all the time? He's trying his best.)

Lenny Curtis Concept Art - How many times do you think he's had to pay damages at restaurants or pubs from accidentally putting a spike into a wall?