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Part 60: Guest Update II: Director's Cut Content - Crema e Viola

While Yuri and Karin go off on their little soul search, we immediately cut to an Director's Cut exclusive scene - a nice little scene that expands some more on the most underdeveloped party member. This actually occurs during another weird dialogue transition during the first few steps into Yuri's mind palace, but, again, it flows better here.

Music: Spiritualization ~ Holy Land of God

*Sniff sniff* Huh? This perfume...

Something the matter?

Huh? Oh, it's nothing. I've just gotta...powder my nose.

... ...

:aaa: Veronica!?

You think I'm some kind of dog?! You've got some nerve coming here! Yuri and Karin are getting the power to defeat Rasputin. I won't let you interfere!

Oh? And are you going to stop me?

I'm more than enough to stop you!

That's right. Your astrological powers would make you an asset to Lord Rasputin. Think about it, you could be "Astrologist to the Supreme Overlord". Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Jokes on you Veronica - Lucia's "astrological powers" really put the "ass" in astrological - she's already wiped the party once with her tarot cards, by all means, take her!

Astrologist to the Supreme Overlord, eh? Heh...hahaha...hah heh...Er! N-no! I refuse!

Lucia...please reconsider. If not, the next time we meet will be to the death.

I see... I didn't want it to be this way. Next time we meet, I can't let you live!

I like this little character scene - it's not integral to the plot at all, but gives Lucia a tiny bit of sorely-needed development and a little more personal stake in the plot, outside of just being along for the ride.

It's minor, but sometimes, that's all that's needed.

:ssh: Still not enough to save her from being permanently benched though.