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Part 77: Episode LXXI: Bite Me

Episode LXXI: Bite Me

Music: Pulsation Fortress ~ Pulsating Stronghold

Welcome to the second half of Idar Flamme. The hell is an Idar Flamme anyway? Other than way too long and extremely grey.

The somewhat better-lit area is much smaller than its predecessor but it does require more mandatory running around in circles. This part has a gimmick to it of sorts. And what is that gimmick, you ask?

Why it's ye olde tried and true locked gates with corresponding switches that need to be thrown! A classic! Only this time they're color based! I suppose it's nice to see any color in this slog beyond shades of blueish grey.

If we follow an electrical current coming away from the sealed door we'll find a fan that can be deactivated which in turn opens the corresponding gate. I'm not sure why it would work like that. Was the fan generating electricity from wind? But, there's a switch to turn it off and that releases the locking mechanism? Is it a safety feature, perhaps? I have questions to the ancient aliens or whoever shoved this thing under St. Petersburg.

Ultimately, we need to deactivate two yellow switch/fans on opposite ends of the area in order to deactivate a yellow gate to the north. There's assorted loot down other paths but none of it is worth mentioning. The random battle mobs also remain the same as earlier. So let's move right along to the heart of Idar Flamme.

Quite literally...

I told you the last flying fortress I was in had a great big giant heart.
What... did you have to do to that one?
What? The giant heart? We just walked past it. It was freaky! I wasn't going to touch that thing.
So do we just walk past it...?
I guess...? Let's just hope we don't hit a teleporter maze up ahead. I do NOT want to do that crap again.

Unfortunately, before we can go punch Rasputin the party needs to deal with yet more frikkin' worms. Asmodeus-Rasputin just can NOT get enough worms. He loves them!

Music: Glint of Light ~ Mid Boss in Europe

Now, this is a filler mid-boss if I've ever seen one. We are now tasked with fight two Mother Filaria. They seem to be cross that we systematically smashed all their egg pods for the delicious Soul Energy trapped within their offspring. Mother Filaria is a Light class enemy and each has a lacking 900 health pool.

The only thing going for this forgettable enemy is their physical attack has the potential to cause Paralysis. Other than that they can cast Bright Crime. But it's nothing that cannot be handled. It is two against four. And it will be within a single round, four against one. These things are pushovers.

They can also cast a Cure spell on each other or themselves except... their AI is remarkably stupid and they both saw it fit to cast Cure on the Mother Filaria that wasn't hurt in a turn wasting comedy of errors. That's not a good use of your limited time, bud. And it is very limited.

Strategy wise, there is very little to be said. We are going to cast Arc-Rage and then just Combo one until it is dead and then focus on the other.

A three-person Combo can handily defeat either one of the mama worms and a four-person combo is just overkill. Especially since Joachim helpfully decided to transform into his Golden Bat form for this fight and is dealing devastating damage as a result. Everyone knows bats beat worms every time. That's just science.

Music: Result ~ Victory

I think I like this shape the best!

Even if it was filler at least they had a decent Soul Energy payout. There is one annoying and somewhat baffling catch, though...

Music: Pulsation Fortress ~ Pulsating Stronghold

You would think removing overgrown demonic parasitic worms would improve the health of the heart. Not degrade it. But even more degrading, hey... You know how there were two Mother Filaria in that previous cutscene and then we immediately fought two of them? Makes sense, right? About that... notice there is still a cutscene worm chilling out here? And the heart is only "weakened" and not stopped.

Yeah, so this is happening...

Music: Glint of Light ~ Mid Boss in Europe

Nothing improves a filler boss fight like making the player do an identical filler boss fight literally seconds after the first one. Why didn't you just put four Mama Worms in one fight? It would have at least been semi-competitive as a boss instead of an utterly one-sided affair.

Absolutely nothing new here. There are two of them of the same element and the same HP level. Go figure.

Music: Result ~ Victory

Even the payout is exactly the same except most everyone managed to gain a Level Up from this fight's experience. Get it together, Gepetto.

Music: Pulsation Fortress ~ Pulsating Stronghold

And with that our worm problem is solved and we killed the heart of Idar Flamme which results in...

Let's go, then!
<nods> Okay!

We get to progress to the next room and leave the Heart of Filler behind us. That was an advanced level of pointless.

This is the point no return for Idar Flamme. Last opportunity to take in the sights of endless grey hallways and fighting worms. I am personally not going to miss this place. There is no strong preparation to be done here other than making sure we have Arc-Shield, Arc-Barrier, Arc-Gale and Arc-Rage equipped. Preferably on different characters. I personally had to feed Joachim some Strongoids to get him out of his Golden Bat form and into Invisible. While the bat was quite useful for the worm mid-boss, it will get Joachim nearly instantly smoked in the proper dungeon boss fight ahead.

With that settled, let's get on with punching Grigori Rasputin!

Music: Rasputin ~ Mysterious Monk

Yep. Called it. He's just been in here sitting around thinking he's cool all day to an audience of a bunch of idiot worms. The Asmodeus possession has really upped his station in the world.

<points at Yuri> You're late.
We took a little side trip.
Did a little side questing. You know how it is.

Have you decided to surrender?
Or do me and my bodyguards have to kick your butt again?
...Your what, now?
I am OK with that title.

So is that a no...?
It feels like a no.
<enters fighting stance> Feels pretty noish.

Rasputin raises a glowing hand toward Yuri. Yuri's chest begins to glow as well.

By the omnipotent power of the Lord, I call on the spirit of the Mistletoe!

Yuri experiences a few moments of intense heartburn but it quickly fizzles out.

And your curse is weak ass too.

Hmph. So the power of Amon has halted the progress of the curse.
Your curse isn't worth shit, buddy!
Let me tell you about the Three Masks. Now there was a curse you could respect! This is some amateur hour curse crap.

Yes. And your shield has been broken too. You've got no chance to win.
You amuse me, little ants. Do you really think you can defeat me?
Yuri already kicked your butt once. We all saw it!
A squash match, no doubt about it!

Oh SHIT, son! You were not prepared for Rasputin to bust that Reverse Card out of his deck and slam it on the table. The master of the debate has arrived on the scene. You'd best watch out, Yuri.

You have conquered Amon, but you have no idea how to use him!
...I clearly do, though. Do you want me to fuse into him again and punch you through another airship?
Did you meet Jovis?
Just gonna chance the subject, huh? Fine.
Is he still hiding away in his little hole, living like a rat?

Hehehe. Mmm. <nods>
Well, anyway... He's much happier than you are.
You have a lot of fun here sitting alone on an uncomfortable chair with a bunch of worms and a weird oversized heart beating outside? Seems like a grand old time.

Petty dreamers, licking each other's wounds while groveling on their knees? That's "happiness"?
What did you say?!
I feel a villain monologue coming up.

I am the winner. I have done what he could not. Henceforth, the world will be indelibly changed in my image. Hahahaha! Humanity will live in fear and darkness for thousands of years. And when the final human dies, I will still be there, laughing.

Heh hahahaha!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

He's insane.
Wow, take it down a notch.

What's he saying?
He's writing his own epitaph.

Good. Now it's time to remove the final obstacle in my way. Time for you to die!!

OK! Tune in next time for the climactic final battle with Demon Lord Grigori Raspu—


Video: Episode 71 Cutscene
(You should watch Rasputin yucking it up.)

Idar Flamme Concept Art - Needs more fans.

Idar Flamme Heart Concept Art - I still can't believe they made me do the same boss fight twice in a row.

Idar Flamme Throne Room Concept Art - It ould have been neat to have a big weird brain in the ceiling.