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Part 86: Episode LXXX: Wrong Neighborhood

Episode LXXX: Wrong Neighborhood

Music: Crisis

There's no time to explain why Young Swordsman is being attacked by a platoon of random stormtroopers. Besides, it's unlikely he can speak Awroo for Blanca to even ask.

Young Swordsman has taken the party leader duty from Blanca. Before we proceed, let's take a look at his profile and kit.

So this is our Light elemental character apparently. Interestingly he has zero MP and cannot even equip Crest Magic, much like Yuri. Well, at least he is auto-leveled to be comparable to our mainline team when he's inevitably a mandatory party member beyond this introduction.

His weapons of choice are, of course, katanas.

And he's wearing his big boy tunic.

Accessory wise he comes with the current best in headgear in the form of the +8 Physical and +3 Special Defense Kendo Mask.

DEFINITELY a man's garment which provides +8 Physical and +3 Special Attack power. Everyone knows you hit harder when your junk is guarded. That's just science.

We are now given the free rein of exploring the Brick Warehouses. There are active random battles but it's just those Akagi Soldier mooks that we've already dispatched a dozen with ease. To progress, we have to head to the southwestern tip of the district. But we can pop into a couple of warehouses to do some light looting.

Not even in Disc 2 can we escape the looming threat of the lottery.

We also can pilfer a returning accessory from the previous title. The Small Jug boosts both Physical and Special Attack AND Defense by +10 but it doubles the SP loss per round. That could maybe be useful taking on random battles but beyond that... ehh...

Doubling back the way we came and looting a chest on the opposite side of the warehouse where the party is still squatting for the night we can uncover our first Magic Crest of Disc 2. I think Gale Spike is a new attack. So that already makes it more impressive than the last dozen crests we've obtained.

Heading to the southwestern end of the warehouses leads us to a save point and one last chest we can pillage.

That's quite the process for a nail file creation. This is a new weapon for Blanca which yields +104 Physical and +106 Special Attack. We'll equip that on our good boy straight away. A free weapon upgrade is always a welcome sight. Anyway, let's head south of this save point where we find...

Music: Deep in Coma ~ Battle in Japan

It's just another set of the same exact enemies we've been fighting this entire sequence. Guns are no match against a teenager with a sword and a wolf that can shoot fireballs and ghosts.

Music: ENDS

Obligatory post-battle pose.

So, is it over?
They all do appear to be quite dead.
That was my aim.


It's all right. Kurando has removed the threat of the bandits.
They're just sleeping now, dear. Even the ones without an intact head.
<nods> Uh-huh.

The girl runs over to Young Swordsman Kurando.

Are you hurt?
I'm fine, Princess.
Nothing a Thera Leaf won't patch up.

Kurando, who is this?
I don't know. He just appeared out of nowhere to help me out.
They just jumped in and immolated a whole group of those attacks. I admit I was somewhat startled.
An unusual benefactor, I'd say. He certainly does look like a smart one!

Thank you.
Grrr! Awroo, awroo! (Don't worry. It was nothing.)
Awroo, awroo... (It was either this or enduring the stench of the humans I'm traveling with.)
What's your name, boy?
Awroo, awroo! (Just call me Blanca the Whirlwind.)
Awroo, awroo. (Everyone back west calls me that.)
Okay... You're white, so I'll call you Snowball!
<whimpers and shakes head> Awroo!! (What are you saying?!)

I think he likes it.
<nods> Yeah!
Awroo! (Wrong!)

My enemies must be impatient if they send their assassins here, don't you think so?
In my day you would at least have the courtesy to wait until morning to do an attempted hit. The state of things today...
You should be careful. Our enemies will try to strike at you while you're away from the capital you'll be vulnerable.
I think we're safe enough, after all. We've got you. Isn't that right?
<nods> Yeah!
Do try not to wander several blocks away again.
Even I cannot resist the call of nature and its toll.


Still! How very rude of them! They could at least let a man visit a graveyard in peace. Hehehe.
Sir, you do know we are in the middle of the warehouse district...
I like to take the scenic route. And go for walks at midnight.

Well, shall we go? The inn is just over there.
Just another three kilometers or so in that direction.

The old man and the girl walk off.

You have my gratitude for saving us. <stands up and follows the others>
Grrr! Awroo! (Well, instead of that...)
Awroo... Awroo... (Directions to an inn would be nice. My friends and I are squatting on the floor in an abandoned warehouse...)

Well, I'm sure we'll never seen this group again after this chance meeting. It's just Blanca having a weird evening stroll where he bumps into a politician and his young daughter wandering through the seedy warehouse district in the dead of night with their samurai bodyguard. This shit just happens in Shadow Hearts. Don't worry about it.

Blanca goes to leave and notices the girl dropped her comb.

This is a Blanca only accessory that grants +2 to Physical/Special Power and defense. It also basically auto-casts Gale on Blanca if he dips to critical health. It is also maybe an excuse to seek out Kurando and his employers at a later date to return the comb.

But that's a task for another day. Let's head back to our squatter's base and see if Yuri has died next time on Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Video: Episode 80 Cutscene

Kurando Inugami Concept Art - At some point, we're gonna need to inquire why there are so many red-eyed Japanese people running around.