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Part 89: Episode LXXXIII: Picking Teams

Episode LXXXIII: Picking Teams

As it turns out the secret headquarters of the Amagi Soldiers that have kidnapped the princess is just on a battleship in port about a block away. Blanca's efforts are slightly less impressive with this knowledge in hand, to be honest. He's still a good boy but also it makes Kurando seem lazy for not sniffing them out yet.

Music: In Darkness of a Labyrinth ~ Dungeon
(Disc 2 gets a lot of new music. Unfortunately, a new common dungeon theme is not in the cards.)

Welcome to the first real dungeon of Disc 2 of Shadow Hearts: Covenant. And it's a dozy of tedium and gunmetal grey color scheme endless corridors. Before we proceed further, there is something that needs our attention in that stack of crates to the left of Yuri's position. Our pal Ring Soul wants another chat already!

We just talked to you like maybe twenty... thirty minutes ago...
Thirty minutes too long!

What is it?
It's Miyabi. She's been going out a lot recently all dressed up. I think she might be having an affair.
No, you're just imagining it!
Well, she's 17 years younger than me. She's only 28. She used to be a hostess. She's really cute. I mean, she's got such a great body!
She's 28 and she speaks like that?!
Wait, you're 45...?
Hey, I was only 38 when I took on the Ring Soul job, alright.

Look, I can't go on worrying like this! What should I do? I'm going crazy here!
Me too!
Oh, Miyabi!
Who's looking after Aya, then?
Oh, that's okay. Miyabi's mum and dad came from Chiba to stay with us, so they're looking after her.
Then she's probably just letting her hair down while she's got the chance!
You know, a stay at home mom getting a chance to go out while you're working. That probably doesn't come up a lot.
I'm on salary. The Ring Soul sessions are only once ever... well, when I talk with you all.
...That's a pretty good gig.

Maybe. I hope that's all it is.
Yeah, don't worry! Just do your thing!
Be serious! How can I do that when I'm so worried about Miyabi?!
Forget it! It's not important!
N-not important?! Not important?! Did you just say it's not important?!
Sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't mean it like that!
Aaaah! I thought you were a friend! You don't care about me at all!
I do. I do! Look, I'm sorry! Shouldn't you go and look for her? There's gotta be someplace she likes to go. And if I see her, I'll let you know, okay? Don't think I will, though...
You're in Japan, right? Your wife and daughter have Japanese names.
We live in the Kobe area.
Psst... Karin. Are we near there?
Not even close.

We'll be on the look out! Just don't think the worst, yeah!?

You're right! Okay, I'm off, then! Here, take this!

Oh shoot, Anastasia now is at her max of THREE physical attacks we'll never use because she is garbage at physical attacks. But hey, I guess he's helping.

Ring Soul disappears into the marriage crisis zone.

Maybe I'd better start re-thinking my friendship with this guy...?
How did we even get here?
I try to be friendly with folks that aren't trying to kill me.
...It's not always a good idea.

Before we just waltz onto the Battleship Mikasa itself (naval security was not a thing in 1915 Japan evidently) there is a crafty hidden chest behind the stairs to the ship proper.

That seems like a new higher-end Fire elemental magic ability I'll undoubtedly forget to equip on anyone because the Crest system is just the most cumbersome mess of customizable magic crap. At any rate, let's get on the ship proper.

It's all about battleships now! Look at them! Look at the sheer size!

Sukiyama, the With-it Cadet forks over another scene of the Nibelung play which powers up Karin's Heuervelk Sword Art further. Good to see Japanese folks are fans of obscure German operas as well.

With the zero security above deck, we're free to move into the belly of the beast that is Battleship Mikasa. Which leads us to...

Music: ENDS

Captain, is the ship ready to leave yet?
In a short while. We're still making preparations.
We've already waited three hours!
That's already two and a half hours longer than I wanted to wait!

Lt. Col. Terada, you cannot simply bring armed weapons onto a high-speed ship and expect to disembark immediately. Now, can you, sir?
A tank can disembark immediately! A truck can disembark immediately! What is the problem?!
Are those going across water, Lt. Col. Terada?
Then I kindly suggest you shut the fuck up and be reasonable with the method of travel you are working with here.

I'm operating under direct orders from Minister Ishimura! During wartime my orders take precedence over anything, you must know that!
Don't get so excited. I told you all would be ready soon. But I hope, for your sake, that you don't find yourself in trouble for using the Empire's most advanced destroyer as a mere taxicab.
<salutes> You needn't worry.

Terada begins walking away.

I've been informed that you brought a girl as a captive? Is this true?
<turns back> Yes, and it's none of your affair.
Our division will do sketchy villainy as it sees fit. The Emperor has approved it.
<shrugs> Fine. I didn't get this far by sticking my nose where it doe not belong.
Excuse me, captain.
Yes? What is it?

A sailor walks in and whispers into the captain's ear.

<grunts> ...I see. As you were, sailor. Carry on.
<salutes and walks off>

It seems intruders have boarded the ship, Lt. Col. I'll leave the matter to you.
As you were the one who vetoed stationing sentries outside the ship saying, and I quote, "Who would possibly board this ship? Guards are a waste of time!"
Yes... Hmph...

Good. This is what I was hoping for!

Awroo? (When did we become partners, again?)
But where could she be? This ship is bigger than I thought.
I've only been on a couple of boats and was throwing up the entire time on both so my metric for boat size isn't the best, but...

Okay, sounds good.

Blanca walks up beside Kurando.

Hehe. We'll make a great team, eh, Blanca?
OK... I see how it goes, partner... Ex-partner...
So who's coming with me?

OK well, umm... Wait, what the hell is your name? Have we not asked that?
Come to think of it...
I'm Kurando. Kurando Igami.
Good for you. Well, whatever. You got first pick with Blanca so it's my turn.
Yeah. Turn. We clearly have Team Kurando and Team Yuri and you got first pick with Blanca so it's my turn.
It is not a competition...
It is now! Karin! Get over here! You're on Team Yuri!
Umm... OK.
Shouldn't we divide our forces evenly with their talen—
Pick, dickweed!
Fine, umm... Oh, I don't know your names either... Err... the large, muscular gentleman who seems to have turned invisible.
Is... is he coming?
My muscles are at your side!!

OK. Fine. You take the big guy. I see how it is.
...I don't.
Alright, kid. Anastasia. Get over here on Team Yuri.
Oh... no, that's fine. I'll take one for the team and get on Team Kurando.
That's not necessary. You're on the A-Team! No more sitting on the bench.
No, really. I'm just fine sitting on the Kurando bench.
Team. Yuri!

If we are to do it like this, it would not be proper to have an all-male team so I select miss... umm...
<smiles> Lucia.
Happy to have you aboard, Ms. Lucia.

Dodged a bullet there.
Excuse me?
Huh? What? Don't know what you're talking about. OK, so Gepetto. You're over here, I guess.
Doesn't that make me feel great being selected last.
C'mon, you know I would have taken you over Lucia. Don't be like that.

Thus we have our teams of Kurando, Blanca, Joachim and Lucia on the first floor and Yuri, Karin, Anastasia and Gepetto on the sublevel.

Tune in next time for a fucking annoying dungeon I am heavily going to abridge because life is too short to go through every step of endless level switching on two different floors this thing requests of you as Shadow Hearts: Covenant continues.

Video: Episode 83 Cutscene
(What a chufty armored boy.)

Battleship Mikasa Concept Art - Much nicer looking when the sky doesn't look like it's on fire.