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Part 96: Episode XC: In Memory

Episode XC: In Memory

Music: Hardcore to the Brain ~ Mid Boss in Japan

Garan the Oracle is ready to throw down. At least he's punctual on making good on his villainy promises to his boss. Garan is a Dark elemental boss with 3720 HP. And usually, I don't mention their defenses unless it's something specific. And there is here. This dude takes like half damage from magic attacks. He's got defenses out the ass for any arcane bollocks so it's best to not even bother using offensive magic during this fight. Meanwhile, he's got a glass jaw to physical attacks. I mean look at him. You could punt him over a hill if you put your mind to it. So that sets the stage for tactics.

I know the last update I summarized for the usual buff banquet at the start of battles but we can totally skip buffing magic abilities and defending against physical attacks for this one. Other than the two Para-para assists joining Garan, the oracle himself has zero physical attacks. Arc-Barrier is ESSENTIAL though as this dude has magic coming out of his baby-sized ass and hits like a truck with it. He actually managed to KO a character for the first time that wasn't a Lucia ability failure based calamity.

On top of making sure we're defending against magic attacks and whatever other buffs, we should also prioritize acing the two Para-para enemies that have tagged in with Garan. They'll just set up Combo attacks with him for additional damage and be a general nuisance if left in play. We are kind of on damage control the entire fight since, again, he hits HARD. So getting rid of any additional damage output is key.

Since magic and elemental Special Abilities are mostly off the table, we're going with our bruiser Fides as far as Yuri's Fusion goes. And of course Kurando is in his fusion form even if it's rather vulnerable in this battle. If he eats a critical magic attack he WILL die and in fact did right at the end of the fight. Like Garan had all of 10 HP left and still managed to blast Kurando out of the picture on his final turn.

We do want to get as many buffs in as we can the first round because additional to Garan being highly resistant to magic attacks in general; he has the ability Mind Assault which just completely depletes a targeted character's MP. This guy is kind of a dick!

On top of that, he has access to EVERY high-level elemental magic attack. Red Cradle, Hail Crash, Gale Spike, Rock Strike, Bright Banish, Evil Summoning. The works! And he's competent enough to target the elemental weaknesses of our characters or use the more AOE based spells if characters are bunched up.

But it is a Shadow Hearts: Covenant boss. He requires a bit more healing rounds than usual. But stay the course of keeping buffed and doing combos and he'll fall like all the rest.

Music: Result ~ Victory

Looks like I won.

Yeah, seven turns. That's fairly robust for a boss fight in this game.

Now we too can make a giant ghost head come out of the floor to spook our foes. You know, if you're into that kind of thing.

I see we have a nice stock of Soul Energy. We should probably spend more of that.

Music: ENDS

Just admit you got your flying pillow got your ass kicked!

Garan teleports away.

He was pretty tough... Old Baby Head.
<folds arms> You shouldn't underestimate him.
Pfft. Whatever. Lenny was twice the mid-boss that guy was.
I do miss his impressive muscles.
...Not what I was thinking about, but OK.

Oh right, we were in a cemetery.

I hope we weren't kicking the asses of the spirits of those buried here. That'd be rather rude.

The otherworld. It's disappearing...

A short while later...

Oh, it seems Garan just fucked about and failed to kill what I assume was the actual target. Or do anything of note other than waste everyone's time, honestly. Way to piss summoning a spectral dimension down your leg, champ.

Master! Princess!

<looks around> Huh?
<rubs eyes and sighs>

Kurando runs to his master while Karin and Yuri follow behind.

Music: Memories of Melodies ~ Peace

Hahaha. I must really do something to thank you. You've saved me twice now.
Forgive me. It was my carelessness.
Nobody got hurt, so it's fine!
That's true.
That stupid baby head guy is probably going to feel it in the morning. But he doesn't count.
Baby... head?
Yeah, if you see some creepy wrinkled old maybe on a flying pillow, it's bad news. But at least, thanks to him Kurando can fuse into a monster now. Isn't that right?
Come again?
Umm... yes, we should discuss this later... In private.

Blanca and Yoshiko wander over to a grave. Yuri walks up to investigate.

What it is? So this is the grave, huh?
I guess so...

Oh. Welp. Probably should have seen that one coming. I wonder how Kawashima feels about her old clingy subordinate making a sexy subservient clone of her. I don't imagine she'd be particularly thrilled. I doubt Kawashima senior would look upon that revelation too kindly either.

This is where my other daughter is buried...
So you had another daughter?

This one is adopted.
My real daughter, Yoshiko, was killed in Shanghai, one year ago.
I am not very original with names, you see.

Music: ENDS

Yoshiko Kawashima... Lieutenant Colonel Kawashima...?!

Yep, that's the one. I'm now reminded that the scene where you learned of Lt. Colonel Kawashima's death was completely optional. Strange to stake a large part of the plot on a character whose death you can miss. Additionally, Yuri's reaction here makes it seem he DID miss that scene, and news of her death is a shock.

Music: Impatient Mood

You knew her?
<crosses arms> It seems that you and I truly bound together by fate...

Kawashima kneels at the grave.

My beautiful daughter, dead in a foreign land over some ridiculous power struggle. It's my fault I didn't protect her.
I knew I should have pulled her out of Shanghai after the city exploded. I was a fool.


Thank you for coming today. I am sure my daughter would be glad too.

What kind of person was she? Did you know her very well?
<smiles> Yeah, I knew her. She was very smart and she was very brave.

I think that sometimes... she might have pushed herself just a little too hard.
She chased me and my friends halfway across China. That's some determination right there.
Why was she chasing you?
We had a misunderstanding about wizard stuff. We worked it out eventually.

But she was a good person.
Thank you.

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