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Part 98: Episode XCII: New Japan Pro-Wrestling

Episode XCII: New Japan Pro-Wrestling

Music: Rising Sun ~ Japanese Town

Slept like a log!

So evidentially the gang just got on a train and followed Naniwa Kawashima and his entourage from Yokohama back to his home back in the Imperial Capital of Tokyo. It is only an incredibly modest (for this series) 36 km away from the previous location. That's entirely reasonable for once. Though apparently everyone but Joachim and Anastasia has gone into the city proper rather than Kawashima's estate of Mukyo-An -- where we saw that flashback with Yuri's dad.

Where is everyone?
They all went to hang out in town. Yuri seemed all confused that his father and Naniwa knew each other.
They what?!
Eh? Didn't you watch the flashback with him and Yuri's dad?
It's a Thursday! You know it is leg day in the morning! Nothing will stop that!!
Oh. Right. Well, you missed the part where Naniwa Kawashima was Yuri's father's mentor.
Hmph. What a strange twist of fate. I could see that weighing on his mind.

Karin took him out to take his mind off it.
Oh, okay.

Joachim stands up.

People are going to think the circus came to town when they see you.
And the people of Japan will MARVEL at my circus of muscles!!

And so we have our limited party of this next arc of just Joachim and his unlikely companion Anastasia Romanov. There is absolutely nothing more to be done at Mukyo-An. So let's move onto the Imperial Capital district of Nihonbashi. Which is a real district of Tokyo named after the Nihonbashi River and the bridge of the same name. It's south of Akihabara, which is somewhat better known if you're a dweeb.

Nihonbashi is a new town and naturally has a new batch of NPCs to chat up while we're here. We've never really seen Joachim lumber over to random folk to chat. Let's see how that goes.

Tokyo to Kyoto is a 454.3 KM distance. So in 1915... yeah, a bit of a trek.

Does no capital city feature a blue sky at mid-day?!
...I don't understand the question.

Yep... Eight years from now (in our stalled time progression) would be the year of the 1923 Great Kantō Earthquake which REALLY fucked up Tokyo and Yokohama to the tune of 105,385-142,800 deaths between the quake itself, fires that broke out, a fucking FIRE TORNADO like it was goddamn Day of Crisis and a typhoon rolled in right after causing 10-meter tsunami waves. Oh, and a bunch of racist assholes took advantage afterward to blame and kill several hundred ethnic Koreans right after the fact in a massacre while shit was fucked. Isn't learning about history grand? In any event, not a great time coming up...

Just to the north of the street, behind that big pillar near the bridge to the right, we find another of Lucia's Tarot Cards -- The Tower. Predictably, the description is accurate and the Reverse card version is money is halved. The Special Effect version is 4x Cash. While, surprisingly forgivingly, the Reverse Special is only a 75% reduction in Cash and not negating any currency received entirely. But since we're already swimming in a surplus of Cash in the war chest just by playing the game normally, this isn't all that helpful. I enjoy the moxie of the dudes bailing off a cliff on the illustration of The Tower, at least. I think I'd attempt to tank a lightning strike over doing a Lara Croft diving leap straight into the ground but YOLO!

It's full of pretty young girls like me. I'm sure you'll like it!
I am on a strict dietary regimen, miss!

It's some monster, bigger than a tiger or a bear, and it eats humans! Can you believe it?!

Oh, Kato. Was your secret illicit government monster experimentation lab located in the middle of a major population center? I know it's a good 80+ years until the Raccoon City Incident, but you should know better.

Do you know about the Iron Soldiers? Friends of the people, guardians of the Emperor. They're the best of the best!
Indeed I do know of them! My allies and I defeated dozens of them on a boat docked at the port of Yokohama just yesterday!
Nonsense! No one can defeat the mighty Iron Soldiers.
Tell that to my muscles, intricate wrestling techniques, and the power of friendship!
Tch. Foreigners...

Hmm. Training, you say? Now that sounds like Joachim's jam. But who could be this mysterious gentleman Rich Okatsu speaks of...? We'll just have to head to the west direction of this crossroad to find out.

A tale as old as time.

Much like picking up Lottery Tickets discarded in a completely nondescript part of the sidewalk. Anyway, that sure does look like a certain dad-bod sporting Indian wrestler mentor of our luchador vampire hanging out in that wrestling ring. Let's check out the park.

The thrill of battle! The clashing of bone and sinew! The smell of sweat and tears!
Yeah... not convinced.
<shakes head> The recklessness of youth...

<smiles and nods head> Now you get it, young champion. You could teach your friend a thing or two.

To the right of the ring, we find another Crest for the pile. Arc Heal seems like it could come in handy against a boss with status effect spamming garbage. Except most bosses that do that in this game will immediately re-cast their status effect infliction if it's negated so hmm... That aside, it does seem like the Magimel Brothers have made their way to Tokyo and set up shop in the park. Ah, the halcyon, lawless days before you had to have permits for anything.

We came all the way along the Silk Road! Don't say we've come halfway around the world to be told you're not buying!
I am aware you were in the area. We saw you back in Yokohama.
Oh... So you did. It is just that Yuri usually handles the purchases with your group. So, are you buying?

I am not allowed to have a wallet.
Well I am! Let me take a look.
Ah! Excellent. Welcome, young miss.

Now that we've reached a new city, new equipment is available for everyone. Unfortunately, our party is only Anastasia and Joachim at the moment. So we'll refrain from upgrading anyone but these two for the moment. As I straight up cannot access the descriptions of weapons for non-present party members' weapons.

Note: No it doesn't inflict any ice damage. Stop lying Faberge Egg descriptions. What it does do is add +129 Physical and +142 Special Attack Power.

Greater protection than any armor... at least until we reach the next major area. Anastasia can equip this as can Blanca. And I suppose Gepetto and Lucia too could have it as a hand-me-down later on. This one provides +120 Physical and +125 Special Attack Defense.

G-H-O-S-T Armor! What innovation! Joachim should definitely acquire and equip this immediately. But Yuri, Karin, and Kurando can also handle a ghost forcefield Kendo Armor as well.

This is Tatsuichiro Furui, reporting on today's events. Now over to Hirotoshi Yamakoto for the commentary.

Now, you hate to break up live commentary on a wrestling event by power bombing an opponent into the Spanish Announcer's Table or whatnot. However, if you have Joachim inspect this area, we trigger...

Music: Gathering God ~ Thrill

Hmm. Nice emcee's desk...
He doesn't really care what he picks up anymore, does he?
<clenches fist> Many a fierce battle this folding desk has witnessed... sometimes even breaking the fall of a thrown wrestler... And then one day during a free-for-all, forgotten and left behind by the commentators and audience alike...
I wonder if he's going to cry again?

Joachim hoists the announcer's table over his shoulder. The commentators are speechless.

Bill Yamagata is a hard counter to an E. Honda player. But beyond that, the Emcee's Desk grants +145 Physical and +126 Special Attack to Joachim. Funny, you'd think a building structural pillar would be more powerful than something John Cena could easily be smashed through. But here we are.

I think he's remembering something! Something in his past!
Well, let's go, everybody. Say, I know! Instead of using the top as a bludgeon, I should chop the enemy with it! Yeah, good idea...
Everybody...? I'm the only one with you.
The versatility is astonishing!

Joachim wanders off with the table.

The world may never know the imaginationscape that is bubbling in Joachim's head.

Let's get that Emcee's Desk equipped alongside Joachim's new armor and go chat with Great Gama. The only prep we need for the third match-up with Joachim's master is making sure he has access to the Shield spell.

Music: Grand Papillon!! ~ Pro Wrestler

Yo! Joachim, my boy! The path of spirited young men knows no borders! How about it? Ready to give me a little of your sweat?

What could be better? Men rubbing flesh, slamming bodies together here under the open sky! Wouldn't you agree, my boy?

I might not be old enough to be hearing this conversation...
<clenches fist> Of course!
Thatta boy! Why don't you show me a little of your sweat, then!
You got it!
You should know I am always sweating master!
As a man should be!

Here we go, then! Graaahhh!
<enters fighting stance> Here I come! Graaahhh!

Hee hee! Keep your eyes open! Today I'll be hitting you with an even deadlier attack in the fifth turn! Graaahhh!!

Music: Vicious 1915 ~ Battle in Europe

Time to take on the Great Gama Round 3. He's climbed to only 880 HP since our last bout so... like barely any stronger, honestly. To make this match a cakewalk, all we need to do is cast Shield and then Rage on Joachim's second turn.

Great Gama's new ability is Artem Buster -- an impressive athletic display. Especially the part where he manifests a pillar to stand on in the middle of the ring and produces a cape only to cast off a second latter as a spectral audience cheers in excitement. With Shield deployed on Joachim, it only does in the ballpark of 45-50 HP of damage at most. But he will spam the attack every round until the fifth turn, as he said he would.

So when Gama's fifth turn is heading up, we need to have Joachim defend for a round as Gama will switch from Artem Buster to using Fifth Key to do a 26 hit physical combo. But, between having a Shield up and blocking the attack, as you can see it barely accomplishes more than Joachim eating the Artem Buster on the chin.

Beyond that, just spamming Joachim's Muscle Arts in turn is more than enough to defeat the Great Gama with little issue.

Music: Grand Papillon!! ~ Pro Wrestler

Whenever you want to test your skills, come back to me, my boy. The open-air ring will always be waiting for you!
Phew! I'm wiped out...!

And thus Joachim learns a new Muscle Art and his power grows.

The legendary festival is many, many moons away in the Shadow Hearts: Covenant endgame. What festival, you ask? Why... The Man Festival. Let the ominous nature of that phrase sink into your muscles and don't you dare skip leg day as Shadow Hearts: Covenant continues.

(You should watch this.)

Mukyo-An Concept Art - Yeah, I'd definitely chill, drink sake and wear a nerd hat here.

Nihonbashi Concept Art - That's a bridge alright.