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Shadow Hearts: Covenant

by kethryveris

Part 1: The Demon Of Domremy

The game opens in a forest at dusk. This is actually a flashback sequence, but we're not supposed to realize that yet. The beginning of the opening movie is shot in first-person view, as if we're looking through someone else's eyes.

The focus shifts from the bayonets to a sleepy little town nestled below the hill.

Gee, do you think this might be the name of the town?

We're treated to a disorienting blur of scenes, the first indication that we're watching something that's already happened.

The person recalling the events comes back to the "present", running with a group of soldiers through the trees.

The soldiers come to the village. The streets are deserted, but plumes of smoke rise from several chimneys.

The soldiers stop in front of the churchyard. Said yard is full of makeshift grave markers consisting of rifles topped with the soldiers' helmets. They're quite obviously German WWI helmets, just like the ones our boys are wearing.

As we're standing around, another group signals us from the back of the church.

This is Sergeant Robert (and his mustache). He nods at us.

The troops rush the front door, just like we saw a few moments ago.

They force open the door and cautiously file in. There's a hint of a figure in the back that doesn't quite seem like it fits in with the soldiers.

After everyone is inside, including the mysterious person in the back (the same one whose eyes we've been looking through), the doors slam shut with seemingly no-one touching them. That's when the screams and gunshots outside the church start.

*Something* outside swoops down from the sky and attacks one of the soldiers outside, breaking the window.

As the soldiers collectively shit their pants, the commander finally steps out from the shadows, stopping in front of the big stained-glass window.

That was a mistake.

While the commander, Karin, is staring stupidly at the 9-foot tall demon, Sgt. Robert has the presence of mind to run over and shove her out of harm's way.

The demon doesn't seem to like people pushing women, so he shoves Robert right back.

You know, standing in a circle around your target while you OPEN FIRE doesn't seem like the brightest idea.

Robert seems to have been a bit too enthusiastic in saving his CO. Karin spends the rest of the fight lying helplessly on the floor while her men are decimated.

Some of the men make a break for the door, and the demon grabs another soldier that got too close.

"You guys forgot something!"

"Here, catch!"

One of the idiots decides that throwing a grenade in an enclosed space full of his comrades is THE BESTEST IDEA EVAR!!

Well, Karin, it was nice almost knowing you. RIP.

When the smoke clears, the demon is completely unharmed.

And so is Karin.

"You alright?"

Hmm, this seems familiar...

Before we can ponder further, the screen goes white as Karin passes out.