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Part 9: Shopping Spree

We've met some very...interesting characters here in Paris. Besides Ernest here, we've also added entries for the Magimel brothers, Pierre and Gerard.

We also have a profile for Tetsu, but to get there we have to go to the Wolf Bout page on Blanca's Personal page.

Speaking of strange characters...

We've got a brand new discount card and pockets brimming with cash. Time to go shopping!

Gerard has new weapons for everyone except Karin, since she already got her new sword. The bar at the top shows our rank and the maximum discount we can get. At the lowest rank, we can only get 10% off when buying or raise the price by 5% when selling. In the top right, we can see what the items will cost if we get the maximum discount and what the total base price is. We pay the base price if we fail to get the discount. We can also see how many points we've gotten from shopping and the number of points we need to go to the next rank.

I'm not sure why anyone would want to buy without trying for the discount at all.

In the first game, if you had more than one discount available, you had to do a Ring Test for the 10%, then one for the 20%, then one for the 30%, etc. In this game, you just pick which discount you want, then you do one Ring Test. The higher the discount, the harder the Ring Test.

The 10% challenge (or 5% if you're selling) is easy enough that you should never fail it. Where the three areas appear on the ring is random, but they're large and the indicator moves fairly slowly.

I picked up Stinger for Yuri, Silk Twine for Gepetto, and Glass Paper for Blanca.

I also picked up new armor for Karin and a few Phoenix Tails, which cure all Ring Abnormalities.

There's a hidden item at the end of the street. It's a Ring Effect item, P-Defend Down 1.

It's hard to see, but we're talking to the fat guy that was standing near the Magimel brothers.

Gaunt: Napoleon had it built, but he never passed under it during his lifetime. Bet you didn't know that, did you?

Yes I did.

There's a Thera Leaf hidden by the lamp post.

Why is every little kid here paired with an uptight, neurotic adult?

Nicole: And then this huge, spiky man came up to me and said he was sorry. Hmph! Adults should know how to behave in public!

Russell: I was just on the subway, and I saw a group of men with really long claws...

Russell: ...But the weirdest thing was they were all lined up in a row, sitting politely and quietly. What was with those guys?

Lenny and his men just keep getting less and less intimidating, don't they?

This place is awful small for a hotel.

There's a chest next to the front desk with the Haures Crest. We can now use a Fire-based attack spell, Red Rave.

Of course they have. You've only got, like, three rooms.

Swishy. Well, that's one way of putting it.

Well, Dr. Gautier isn't in the room on the top left.

And he's not in the first room on the right.

So, by process of elimination, he must be here!

Bingo! Of course, we rob him before we talk to him. We get a Tent.

Well, Gepetto is just a little social butterfly, isn't he? I'm starting to wonder if there's anyone in Paris that he doesn't know.

Dr. Gautier: What brings you to visit? This was the last thing I expected! I'm very pleased. Very pleased!

We're looking for a way through the subway tunnels out toward Le Havre, and we thought maybe you could help.

Dr. Gautier: Toward Le Havre, you say?

Yes. Do you know a way?

Dr. Gautier: Hmm... Let's see. Just give me a minute to think, here...

Dr. Gautier: They went wild and dug tunnels all over Paris, but they didn't end up using all of them. And if I remember correctly, one of those unused tunnels heads northwest.

Wow, is the subway tunnel system really all that big?

Dr. Gautier: You go down into Champs Élysées station and go right, and that'll bring you to the abandoned tunnel to Le Havre.

Go right, eh? Got it! Thank you, Dr. Gautier. You've really been a huge help!

Dr. Gautier: I'm certainly glad to hear it. I've always been an ardent fan of yours, you know, Gepetto. ...But why do you want to leave Paris by way of the tunnels, anyway?

Well, I'm ashamed to admit it, but I have a bill collector after me, you see... Very embarrassing business...

Gepetto! You big, fat liar!

Dr. Gautier: Oh, I see... Yes, the economy's been so bad since the war started. Things are hard everywhere... Listen, don't you worry about a thing! My right-hand man is the site foreman down at Champs Élysées station. I'll send a message down to him to let you into the restricted area.

That's very kind of you! Thank you very much, Doctor.

Back at the subway, we're finally allowed into the excavation site.

Victor: The tunnels are pretty vast. Be careful not to get lost.

Choo choo! All aboard the Yuri Express! Next stop, Le Havre!

We get off the regular tracks and go into the construction area. Thank goodness hardly any trains seem to be moving today.

Back at the station, Lenny finally shows up on our trail, late as usual.

But when is the Holy Mistletoe gonna kick in, I wonder? The damn little punk looks perfectly fine to me.

What kind of a way is that to do things? All he needs is one good punch!


Steel Claw A: Veronica has a trap all set up for them underground.

What?! Is that damn woman here too?!

Steel Claw A: Yes, sir. She said it would be the perfect way to kill some time...

Oh, well. They've got that weird puppet guy on their side. We might as well have a magic lady warrior, I guess. Looks like ol' Nicolai is desperate.

Wait, before now, you were hurrying?! Huh. This might be easier than I thought.

Back in the tunnels, Dr. Gautier told us to go right to get to Le Havre.

Um, Yuri? Can't we just squeeze along the gap on the side there? This thing isn't filling the whole tunnel.


This could take a while.