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Part 49: An Old Enemy?

Through the metal door, we come to a passage. That's obviously the chapel up ahead, but where does the passage to the right go?

A door. Like that's ever stopped us from violating anyone's privacy before.

It's another bedroom, though a little bit larger than the others. This must be Bishop Jovis's room. The chest in the corner has a Blue Cape.

Anyway, time to finally meet Jovis.

So, you finally come, the Outlanders who wish to question me.
Are you Bishop Jovis?

We came here from Russia. We want to find out what you can tell us about Sapientes Gladio and their leader, Rasputin.
*sigh* I've washed my hands of them completely. We were once aligned. Now we're nothing more than enemies.

I've never thought about it before, but Gepetto really is stylin' for an old man. They should start calling him the "Pimp Puppeteer". The concept art I used for his profile even has a cane.

And do you know what Sapientes Gladio, or should I say, Rasputin is planning to do?

Some nonsense about stealing a country.

Anastasia rushes forward.

It's not nonsense! That's MY country you're talking about! Listen here! Your friend has ruined my whole life! How dare you call it nonsense!


Jovis finally stands up and faces everyone.

My words were careless. I beg your forgiveness, Princess. did he know she was a princess? No one said anything about that. I guess Lawrence could have told him...

Are you blind?
Mm-hm. I can sense only some light, that is all. Although now, I am able to see many of the things that I could not see when I had my sight.

Jovis points straight at Yuri.

Yuri looks startled and twists left and right trying to see if there's anyone behind him.

Huh? Hm?

When you first set foot into my church, I felt as if an old friend had come to visit.
The God of Wrath's soul that is sealed within you made me feel so. I could sense his presence.
What? The God of Wrath's soul?
Hmm. His power has also been sealed by that foul Mistletoe's curse.

You know about that?!
Hmm. Fate certainly does have its ironies, wouldn't you say?
Can't you speak more clearly, old man?!

Uh-oh. Yuri's getting pissed.

I am sorry. I am a bit out of practice, I suppose. I have not met the likes of you since I left the secular life and came here. I think I can answer the questions that you seek. Allow me to tell you about...Rasputin.

Before Jovis starts talking, we get reaction shots of all the characters. It's all very "Oh boy, Grandpa's going to tell us a story!"

That was when it all began... I was betrayed by my disciple and forsaken by my friend.


My friend and I had just taken a young Rasputin as our new disciple, but time passed...

And soon, Rasputin had gained the power he needed to fulfill his ambition.

That was when he showed his true self. Recognizing his madness too late, my friend and I tried to fight him...

Aw, Raspy was the one who blinded the poor old guy.

But we were quickly undone by the demonic power he wielded. The two of us were banished, and Rasputin became the new leader.

He has made a Soul Pact with the King of Demons, Asmodeus. That is what shields him and protects his mortal flesh.

A Soul Pact?

When a person sacrifices his very soul in exchange for unearthly power.
Is that really possible?
It is...if one possesses great knowledge and willpower.

I'm afraid that's EXACTLY what Rasputin learned from us.

So you're saying that he possesses the power of Asmodeus?

You know, I'd like like Lucia a lot better if she'd just shut up, stand there and look pretty while the grown-ups discuss everything.

Mm. Maybe he thought he was strong enough, but at some point, well, while unaware, his soul was devoured by Asmodeus...and now, that demon within him seeks the destruction of this very world.
Isn't there any way to stop Rasputin?
A power equal to Asmodeus could break through his shield.

Hmm, who do we know that has the power of one of the great demon lords...

Power like that? Where would we find it?

Three guesses who he's pointing to, and the first two don't count.

Within the heart of this young man.

Huh? Me?

Yuri... Yes, you. Idiot.

To stop the madness of Rasputin and our former organization...

This image flashes on the screen for a second. friend fought to change the future of the entire world. His plan was to summon a god that would shake the earth and shatter the skies.

Another flash.

When I saw his plan would reorder the nature of the world, I became fearful.

Hey, now, wait a minute...

Yuri sees where this is going, and he doesn't like it.

My friend lost his confidence in me, and, in order to battle Asmodeus, he made a Soul Pact with the most powerful demon he could find.

Still yet another flash.


Okay, this is starting to get annoying.

The God of Wrath, Amon!

It's too bad Amon started to eat away at his soul, and he fell into the trap of thinking that the end justified any means.

But the soul of Amon is now sealed within you. Why is this so?

Because you defeated my friend and conquered the will of Amon. And so, when the god which was summoned turned to light and was crushed by friend's soul disappeared within you as well.

No sissy Soul Pacts for Yuri. He just shows those demons, lords of Hell and creepy old Brits who's boss!

Hey, old man, that friend of yours...
Cardinal Albert Simon.

Dun dun DUNH!

And Yuri is the only one actually surprised when THE NAME is spoken. I guess denial isn't just a river in Egypt.

For those of you watching the video, there is NO SOUND during this scene in the game. There's nothing wrong with the recording.

We get a flashback of ol' crazyface Albert raising the Float. Good times, good times.

Lovecraft would be proud.

That part of the first game was so AWESOME.

Only the fallen Angel, Astaroth, and the God of Wrath, Amon...

...have the power to resist Asmodeus. If you want to resurrect that power, you must first pass a trial.

A trial?
You must search for Amon buried somewhere within you.

But how?

The Mistletoe extinguishes your powers. The more you resist, the more the curse inside of you will eat into your very soul. There is a limit to how much even the strongest of wills can endure.

And what if I CAN'T endure?
You will go permanently insane.

Everyone is shocked by this news.

Yuri tries to laugh it off, but you can tell he's just barely holding it together.

Hah, ha, yeah, right! Good one, old man! Ha ha...yeah, gimmie a break!
You need not go alone. I will come with you. It will be a most perilous journey, my young friend.

Amon is a powerful foe. I think you know that far better than I do.

Let me take your place. I'll be the one to go with him.


You know that failure means death?

That's fine.
...It shall be. Now then, come with me.

Bishop Jovis leaves the chapel.

Yuri tries to say something to Karin, but isn't able.

Karin just smiles.