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Part 18: Shanghai, part 1

Shanghai, part 1

After hearing everyone talk about Shanghai for so long, we finally get to go there.

Shanghai is the first area with a sub-map; right now we can only go to the Huayuan area.

Aw, dammit, just let me go kill the old geezer already!

Wrong old geezer.

Is it just me, or does Wugui look like he's been repeatedly hit in the face with the business end of a shovel?

An adept of the highest rank... fallen.

Underling Tachun: Kee-hee-hee!! Y' didn't really think we'd letcha get away, did ya!! A little fly like you, always flitting about, causing trouble for Master Dehuai?! No, sir!

Underling Shaolin: Y' know what happens to flies, old man? They get SQUASHED!

You aren't going to take that lying down, are you, pops?

I guess so.

Hee hee hee...

You're a fine bunch. Attaching yourselves to the infamous Dehuai and calling him "Master". If you wanted a master, you'd have been better off declaring loyalty to one of those mangy street dogs!

Hmph, scum! After that torture session, it's amazing you have any energy left to oppose the Master's teachings.

Somehow, this line being said to an old man just puts something already so very, very wrong into an entirely new level of "Oh, God, why?!".

Of course, a maggot like you can't really be expected to comprehend the greatness of Master Dehuai...

...Greatness?! Greatness, you say?! That's a good one!! Wah ha ha ha ha! That's a real side-splitter!! I think I'm going to die laughing!!

Underling Shaolin: Enough!! Shut up, you maggot!! Lord Wugui, let's kill him and be done with it!

Still, there is one thing I do not understand. Why do you oppose the Demon's Gate Invocation? Our continent is being hacked to pieces. Lacking military might, there is one path to salvation...

Instituting a draft and rigorous training program?

The Demon's Gate Invocation! If we can destroy Japan, we shall send a clear and firm message to the West!

Darn. That was my second guess.

Do you know of any other way to maintain peace on this continent?!

Well, let's weigh the pros and cons of destroying Japan. On the plus side: no Naruto, and no 400 pound cosplayers poured into 150 pound costumes (or, God forbid, combinations of the two). On the other hand: no Miyazaki, and no cute little robotic dogs. Hmm...

Hmph! I've no use for such drivel! Destroy Japan?! A warning shot to the West?! You're a fool! That's not what a Demon's Gate Invocation is about...

Sure, like he says, it might be easy to blast Japan out of the water! But...just one misstep...

...and you could wind up blowing the entire world into oblivion!!

Underling Tachun: Shaddup! As if you know!!

Bah! I could stand here all day explaining it to'll never understand. Alas, it seems our discussion has now come to an end. Allow us to aid you on your trip to hell.

Quiet Male Voice: ...Hold it right there.

Oh, I know this part! This is where Clint shows up and shoots the bad guys, right?

And the threads are all coming together...

Underling Shaolin: This ain't no show, man! Get outta here before you get hurt!

It seems the streets of Shanghai have become considerably more dangerous than I remember them...

Underling Tachun: Y-you're Japanese, aren't you?! Butt out, buddy, or I can't guarantee you'll get outta this alive!

W-wait! These people have nothing to do with this! S-sir. Gentleman from Japan. Please be on your way. There's no sense in you getting hurt, too.

He's right. It would be wise not to meddle in things that don't concern you. No good will come out of opposing us.

I'm sorry, but I heard you were in league with Dehuai. I simply cannot ignore you.

W- who ARE you!?

While this is somewhat funny now, it's the set-up for a hilarious sequence later in the game.

That is of little those who are about to die.

Heh heh...what an amusing joke!! All right, fool! We'll see who's about to die!!

In the fight, the two underlings reveal themselves to be Kappa in disguise. *yawn* The real, heh, threat here is Wugui, and he's not much of one.

That's because Ben is level 40 and has access to the final Dark fusion, Czernobog. Yuri won't be able to get this bad boy for quite a while yet.

One blast of Revelation kills the Kappas and reveals Wugui's gimmick: Special Attacks (magic) heal the bastard.

That's easily dealt with. I Ben.

...I've changed my mind. I will not kill you. Run back to your master, and tell him this: "A man has appeared, who is coming for you. Until he arrives, live out your remaining days in fear."

Although this was a rather bone-headed move. He really should have killed Wugui while he had the chance.

Grrr... will regret those words!!

Oh, I already do... I already do...

Ugh...I'll be all right... Heh heh heh. Not to sound ungrateful for your help, but...

...I don't...exactly...consider myself so old yet. Urgh...

I thank you for coming to my rescue. My name is Zhuzhen. I'm an Adept.

It would appear so.

I'm assuming from the outfit, anyway, since I haven't actually seen you cast any spells.

E-exactly what...sort of person are you? The Fusion technique... I heard about it a long time ago, but I never expected to see it myself...

Heh amusing to hear that fiend call YOU a demon... Talk about...the pot and the kettle...

Damn! If I weren't in such a state, I'd have made short work of those bastards. Urgh... Owww...


Heh heh. It's clear your injuries haven't affected that mouth of yours.

The shop I run is just down the way. Come with us, and I'll treat your wounds.

Th-there's no need for that. I'm feeling much better already... Much bet...


Hah! Come, Master Zhuzhen. I will carry you there.

The next thing I knew he was carrying me piggy-back, and I could feel my face burning red! He was an incredible man, and handsome to much so that he almost had ME swooning! Hah!

I'm starting to see why he hangs out with Meiyuan.

Goodness! Was he really that strong? He must have been amazing. And he had Fusion powers, just like...

You guessed it. You're not going to find too many people in this world who can wield Fusion. But I just can't make up my mind to tell the kid, you know... I guess I'm too much of a coward...

And then? What happened to Colonel Hyuga after that?


It's hard to believe that was fifteen years ago... Time sure does fly.

Someone is being awfully evasive.

The city's completely changed, too. I feel like...I've been left behind to grow old and decrepit...

From the looks of you fifteen years ago, you've always been old and decrepit.


What are you saying? You're still plenty young!!

Now, Alice, you know lying is a sin.

Heh heh heh. It's nice of you to say that. You're a sweet girl.

And here we are in Shanghai and everything!

Ha ha ha... He's probably sleeping off the effect of his seasickness. Everybody's got their weaknesses.

Good thing Yuri wasn't born a fisherman's son. "Yuri, stop puking on the tuna! We need to sell those when we get back to shore!"

Well, then, I guess maybe I'll be going out for a while. After all these years, I feel like wandering around a bit, maybe stopping by an old friend's place.

Tee-hee. All right.

I don't expect to be out all that late.

The upstairs hall of the hotel. The door on the left is "our" room, and the locked one is where Kawashima and Kato are staying. The Silent Peddler is also up here, but I don't feel like cashing in any of my Pedometer steps yet.

Margarete is hanging out in the lobby. (Funny, you'd think a hotel in a big city like Shanghai would be bigger than this.)

Yeah. Thought I'd go kill some time. By the way, you haven't seen our two smuggler friends, have you?

They both left a little while ago. Seems they had someone to meet... more shady business, I'd guess.

For someone who makes a living as a secret agent, Margarete can be surprisingly prudish.

But what a metropolis Shanghai is! I just went and had a's nothing like Fengtian or Dalian!

Finding free weapons is always nice. Unless you've already paid to upgrade them.

No I can't. The stupid game won't let me.

Disappointed Sachi: Even though it was a fishing boat, there wasn't a single fish on it!


Lamenting Clerk Kuro: ...I never get anything in to sell!

This is the weapon shop. It is empty, much like Yuri's head.

This is a bitch to get. If you aren't positioned just right, you'll talk to the whiny idiot over and over instead of picking up the ticket.

Zhuzhen's just finding all kinds of junk. There's a bar next to him we need to go to, but first we'll go back up to the weapon shop and leave the screen to the right.

Where's Zhuzhen?  He's behind the yellow sign on the top-right. 

Gossiping Faye: Really, it's such a terrible world!

Talkative Kozu: Speaking of which, have you heard about some kind of discount card with a star on it?

Gossiping Faye: I heard! I heard! I wonder who has it?

You actually get both dialog lines at once of whichever you speak to, but I think the conversation flows better this way.

Cowardly Tao: I hope nothing bad happens.

What was that kid? I was just thinking about how much my back hurts from carrying all this stuff I found lying in the street.

The item shop is here. You have to shop through the door; the owner won't let you inside. One day, his descendants will go on to work the night shift at 7-11s all across America. We need to pick something up first before we go shopping, so continuing to the south, we end up at the docks.


We don't need to go anywhere except down to the aft cabin.

...where we find an adorable local urchin. You'd think the Army would do a better job of guarding their stuff.

An adorable urchin who runs numbers.

For once, the red has a unique item: the Star Card is the second shop discount card. I spent two tickets to get it, ending up with a Pure Seed on the first try. (If I want a specific item, I'll spend up to two tickets, and just reload a save if I miss both times. Otherwise, if nothing catches my eye, I play once and take what I get.)

You've received Star Card.

Lottery Member No. 12: Come again.

The Star Card lets you get up to a 20% discount when buying items and up to a 10% markup when selling. You have to do a Ring Test for each card, though. You'll do a test for the 10% discount first, then you can decide if you're happy with that or if you want to try again for the 20%.

Shopping spree! (I also bought Brigand Earrings, Pirate Earrings, Seeds (Thera, Mana, and Pure), Faerie's Sighs (cures Silence), and Tents.

At this point we head into the bar by the hotel and get interrupted with a cut-scene.

I'd make fun of Suketani for looking like a degenerate Buddhist monk, but, all in all, he's a pretty cool dude.

Ah, it's been a while, Lieutenant Suketani. At ease, please.

Ma'am, how are we doing on the "package" for the mainland? The special charter is ready.


Understood. Then I'll relay a message to the mainland. Is that acceptable?

Yes, please do. Lieutenant Suketani, how's the investigation coming along?

Yes, ma'am. We've managed to get our probes rather deep inside.

With that enigmatic (and kinky) exchange, Suketani waves the two soldiers with him out of the room.

...Do you MIND?

Ah, yes. I forgot to introduce you, Suketani. This is Sergeant Kato. You may talk in front of him.

Is that right? Then you must excuse me, Sergeant. My apologies.

(What the hell...?)

An agent of the Investigative Committee recently arrived from Tokyo. Even I was cross-examined. It seems it is YOU who are under investigation, ma'am. You're safe with me, but please stay alert.

It seems to me that in these situations, the first to say "You're safe with me" or "You can trust me" is generally the first to betray you.  Not Suketani, though. Suketani's cool.   Or maybe I'm just lying to put you off your guard.  

I'M being investigated?! It must be a spy sent by one of my father's political enemies...

The Capital is a pit of schemes. I'll be careful. Please continue with what you were saying before.

Yes. Dehuai, who's fighting against our Japanese army, is planning a Demon's Gate Invocation. But he still needs a few more things to cast the Taoist magic needed for the invocation.

A few more things?

A catalyst is necessary for the main part of the ceremony. And that will be the English girl. Dehuai must also banish the four gods that block the ceremony by protecting the earthly veins:

We also found a note with the words "chicken", "peanut oil", "milk", and "detergent" written on it. We think it's his shopping list, but we're having our code-breakers go over it just in case.

It appears that all of these factors must be in place to make the ceremony possible. In the past 6 months, Dehuai has collected the Black Tortoise, the Blue Dragon, and the Red Phoenix.

That reminds me, I've got a great idea for a card game marketed to children with cute characters and...


...and I'll tell you about it later.

So the only one left is the White Tiger, then...

And where is the White Tiger? Do you know yet?

It's in Wuhan. More precisely, it's sealed inside the temple ruins on the edge of Wuhan.


Of course Dehuai knows this? Then before it falls into his hands, we must send troops to seize it.

We've sent forces there...Twice. But...


Every last man was lost. Not a single survivor. Some terribly powerful monsters have made a nest out of those temple ruins.

Can't say I'm surprised. With the sole exception of Kawashima and Suketani, nothing we've seen of the Japanese Army has impressed on me that they have any level of competence.

Are these monsters protecting the White Tiger? And I wonder why they picked such a troublesome spot...?

I don't know. But apparently, Dehuai isn't able to handle them, either.

Good. In that case, we can leave it there to buy time while we prepare to storm Dehuai's tower. That way, we can kill him at our leisure without worrying that he might destroy the world at any second.

...We're not doing that, are we?

Wh-What is it, Lt. Colonel?

I've just had an idea! idea?

Oh, lord, not again...

We fight fire with fire. We defeat the monsters with a monster...

Goddammit. I hate it when I'm right.

I love Shanghai. There's free crap everywhere.


Just tell him Zhuzhen is here.

Bartender Ten Ten: Sorry, sir. The boss isn't in.

And you thought Yen Yen was an odd name. Yeesh.

Doesn't this place belong to Mr. Zhen?

Bartender Ten Ten: Zhen? Can't say I recall the name...

Let's stop kidding around, shall we? I'm talking about that young lady's father.

Bartender Ten Ten: Oh, if that's who you mean, just have a seat. He should be along any minute now.

He's not...the owner of this place?

Bartender Ten Ten: Hah, give me a break. This place changed hands ages ago.


While Zhuzhen puzzles this one out, let's watch the show. That instrument, by the way, is a Chinese fiddle, or "huqin". It's specific type is most likely the erhu. (If anyone can recognize exactly what it is, please tell me.)

You should really, really, watch the video for this. It doesn't translate well to screenshots.

Zhuzhen: You've grown into a beautiful young woman, Qiuhua. Since I saw you last, the sound of your playing has become so much richer.

Zhuzhen: So, what do you think, Zhen? Why is it that the march of time, the endless rising and setting of the sun, has to be so cruel to us old folks?

Zhuzhen: Heh heh. Ah... At any rate, Zhen, here I am, back in Shanghai. I intend to clean things up, once and for all.

Zhuzhen: The legacy of Hyuga, who passed on so long ago... Well, perhaps next time...

Next time on Shadow Hearts: A bar fight. (no, really)

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