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Part 20: Mini-Update 5

Mini-Update 5


Yuri's hand blades start to get really interesting-looking as the game progresses.

I think this is a Nambu pistol.

Oh, God, Zhuzhen with no shirt...

Margarete was probably more excited by this purchase than Alice was.

Half-speed for the Ring, but you take a huge hit to your Agility. Not worth it, in my opinion.

I've never had use for this. I try not to get knocked unconscious.

Of these two, I'd probably be more likely to use the Brigand Earrings.

These look like pistachios. Mmm, delicious pistachios...

A slightly more powerful version of the Talisman of Luck.

This doesn't look like what I thought it would look like.

Money money money money money.


Poor Li Li.


Ugly S.O.B.

And, the current score: