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Part 34: Bistritz, part 2

Bistritz, part 2

With our new damage sponge pet vampire in tow, we go back to Bistritz to see if we can figure out what is causing the appearance of the red fog and the monsters.

We should probably go find out.


Hello-o-o?! Anybody home?!

Where'd everybody go?


Nina comes running over from the right side of the screen. There aren't any doors over there, so she must have been hiding and watching the party the entire time.

Nina! What's wrong?! What happened?!

My mom! It's my mom!

What happened to your mom? Calm down, now. Talk to me.

A little while ago...

I kind of like how they turn the background gray in flashbacks. The effect was more dramatic in Shanghai, though.

Hello there.


Anything I can help you with?

Like finding the door?

Ahh, I almost forgot! I'm out of Thera Leaf. What else...?


I haven't seen the exorcists around. Do you know where they went?

It's okay, Michelle. I don't know what's wrong with him, either.

Exorcists!? ...Oh, you mean those two. I have no idea where they went.

You're hiding something from me, aren't you?

Hiding something?! What are you talking about?! I think it's time you left.

Terry sure didn't do me any favors by going and getting those guys. Just when my research was ready to pay off, he had to go and pull a trick like that!

Nuttier than a fruitcake.

Wh-What on earth are you talking about...!?

Don't you know about the research I've been doing?

You mean digging for gold, right...?

Officially, yes. But actually, I've been looking into the life of vampires.

A vampire?!

Hah hah, there's no need to be so scared. Your father was helping me with my research, you know. I was researching vampires to crack the Blue Castle mystery and get the treasure hidden there. But the moment Terry got word of that job in America, he lost all interest in the research.

So...those monsters attacking the town...

Heh heh heh. In our research, we happened to discover a way to summon monsters! The monsters that have been attacking the village lately are all monsters that we summoned!

But then Terry panicked and went all the way to Prague to find some exorcists. It was a foolish thing to do. If he'd only listened to me, he'd never have had to die.

You're...controlling those monsters!

Monsters are extremely obedient to the summoner. They're much more pliable that way than humans.

A-And you also...

I couldn't afford to let word about the powers I'd discovered get out. It would have ruined me.

Now, I want you to hand over what Terry's friend in America sent him. It was some gold dust, right? Once that's in my possession, I can depart this stupid village.

Did I say fruitcake? I meant he's nuttier than a giant nut stuffed full of smaller nuts, coated with peanut butter and rolled in crushed nuts.

Gold dust? I don't know anything about that...

Still playing dumb? I was going to spare your life if you handed it over, but you force my hand!

Go away!! I won't let you have what Dad gave me!

Ahaa, so you've got it, have you, Nina?! Excellent! Now be a good girl and hand it over!


Hrumpf! Why so stubborn? Well, in that case, take this!!

Either Kevin hits really slowly, or Michelle runs really quickly.




That son-of-a-bitch! He's finally shown his true colors! And raising his hand against a child?! It's unforgivable!

Are you all right, Nina? That must have been terrifying.

Oh! You're--

I promise to rescue your mother, so try to keep a stiff upper lip, okay?

What a fool the mayor is! There's no treasure hidden in the castle.

Actually, there is, but Keith doesn't know it's there, and it's nothing the mayor could use anyway. (I'll point it out when I pick it up; it's one of the most important items in the game.)

Let's get our rear ends over to the mayor's house, then.


What's she doing over there?

What's this?

Dad gave it to me. Kevin told me to bring it to him.

What's this? There's a letter attached.

"Dear Terry, This is to wish you and your family happiness and wealth everlasting..."

This is from your father's friend, right? I wonder what's in the bag?

Do you suppose it really does contain gold dust? Here, let me take a look.

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle!

You already look like one!

I see...

Thank you for sharing it with us, Nina. This is yours to keep. What a wonderful treasure you've got.

You can bet that's going to be a whole lot more use to you, Nina, than to that rotten old mayor. Be sure to take good care of it.

The item shop is now open for business. I pick up a metal belt for Keith and a couple of coral lariats to slow down the Ring.

Back outside, the villagers have new things to say again.

Cowardly Ido: The monsters have gotten so strong all of a sudden. There's no way we can make it like this.

All right! Time to put the boot to that crazy, kidnapping SOB!

Nina told us everything! We're here to take Michelle back.

So, you actually came back. I figured you'd slunk out of town with your tails between your legs. If you're here in place of Nina with the gold dust, then hurry up and hand it over!!

I'm actually rolling in cash right now, but I'll be damned if I'm handing any over to his insane ass.

Put a sock in it! What made you think it'd be some piffling gold dust, anyway? The only thing you're going to get from us is a hundred knocks on the head.

Zhuzhen is awesome for an old guy. Or maybe because he's an old guy.

Is that right? So you don't care what happens to Michelle here? Well, it's gonna be too late for regrets when she dies because of you!

I won't tolerate anyone causing people injury on my land. I'll kill you if you lay so much as a finger on that woman.

A new addition to your party? Well, more food for my loyal servants. This is my village! You have no right to come here and tell me how I should be doing things!

Ooo, bad move.

You don't know about me, do you? I'm your master, you know. I'll show you the true power of a vampire.

That's right! He's the guy you've been lookin' for.

You can't trick me! Why are you all so eager to die? I'll devour you with my new body!

Nice... puppy...

It seems that just about anybody with enough time and effort (and insanity) can Fuse. It just doesn't come naturally like it does to a Harmonixer. The really insane ones like Dehuai don't go through all the research that Kevin did; they just sell their soul to a demon.

Kevin's "new body" is called Tindalos. Tinny has a couple of Special Attacks. The first is Deathtouch which deals a massive amount of damage in one strike. It's nothing new; we've already seen it in Kowloon. The second is Fire Breath, which we've run into before, too.

Without Yuri, the fight goes differently, of course. This time around, everyone has healing skills. Keith can only heal himself, but the others can heal anyone. Alice did most of the healing for herself and Zhuzhen, while Zhuzhen used his magical attacks. I was having so much fun with Keith's magic abilities that I forgot to show what his attacks look like, but I did capture that in the next battle.

This fight was pretty easy. Hell, with Drain Touch and Bloodsucker, Keith probably could have taken Tinny on his own.

Gospel is a great spell. It raises Physical and Special Defense. It should always be one of the first things you have Alice cast on herself if you're using her in a boss fight.

Bye-bye, Kevin.

She followed us out into the monster-infested village!


I'm so glad to see you two back together.

Thanks, Alice!!

You're welcome. Let's go home.

You could try paying us.

The red mist has cleared, and there are no monsters in sight. Everything is back to the way it was.

No need to thank us, lady. We were just keeping our promise to your husband.

Alice, I want you to have one of my treasures.

Wow, thank you.

You know what? I want you and your mom to keep this.

Yeah. The wheat seeds in the bag will grow, even in a cold place like this. The seeds have been cross-bred. They'll grow and bring happiness to this village.

So this whole fuss was over a handful of grain? Boy, would Kevin feel stupid now. If we hadn't killed him, that is.

Seeds of happiness...

Sow the seeds with your mom, okay? You let me know if anything scary happens again.

Yes, that's right.

Goodbye, Michelle.

I'd like to loot the mayor's laboratory. There was a chest in there.

Cowardly Ido: He was such a wimp...


Hunter Warda: Now that the monsters are gone, I can go hunting tomorrow.

Lottery Member No. 07: Hey, if you've got a Ticket to play, what can I do? Through the door may be kind of a pain, but...

Yep, all this time, Warda was a Lottery member.

The top three prizes are all good. I decided I wanted the tea this time.

You've received Tea of the Holy One.

Lottery Member No. 07: It's called a lottery, but it's a Ring. There can be abnormalities, so a Pocket Watch is a good idea.

Anyway, to the victor goes the spoils, let's raid the mayor's house.

No, I just wanted to talk to you about something.

What is it?

I now know that you are both skilled exorcists. Here is the thing. I'd like you to exorcise a demon out of my castle.

Ha ha ha! That's funny! Even a vampire like you is scared of something?

Of course...

He flew in from some place and started living in my castle. I can't even sleep at night. I don't want to fight this one by myself. He looks human, but he transforms into a monster.


That must be...


Well, let's not get too excited before we're certain.

What's wrong?

Keith, would you please take us there?

Sure. So you'll do it?

Hell yes.

Yeah. If the demon you're talking about is the guy we've been looking for, our work has paid off.

Let us head back to my castle, then. Please don't forget to prepare for battle. Many strong monsters live on the top levels of the tower.

Before we go, there is a little bit of stuff to look at in here.

Probably splatter from Tinny.

There's an item behind this cart.

Flash Badges greatly increase Agility at the cost of making the Ring spin very quickly.

And before we leave town, I grab this thing that I missed in Terry's shop earlier.

Next time on Shadow Hearts: slapping some sense into an old friend.

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