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Part 5: Mini-Update 1

Mini-Update 1


If she's a true believer, why does she use her Bible as a bludgeon? I can't imagine that spider blood is very easy to get off the cover.

Nevermind the virgin part; how are 100 people supposed to make one little bandanna at once?

This restores your Hit Points, of course. The leaves are the lowest level healing items.

This one restores Magic Points.

This restores Sanity Points. Alice is going to be eating a lot of these.

Although tents are more expensive than other healing items, since they replace health and mana for all your characters, they usually end up being more cost-effective.



It is a ferocious beast, whose habit of feeding off the corpses of warriors slain in battle has given it a taste for putrid human flesh.

The monsters you fight to clear Malice are some of the very rare monsters that don't have any elemental strengths or weaknesses.


He'll also appear in the monster list if you manage to defeat him, but at this early in the game, it's suicide to let him show up.