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Shadow of Destiny

by CirclMastr

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Original Thread: Satan Did Nothing Wrong: Let's Play Shadow of Destiny



Shadow of Destiny is a time-travel murder-mystery adventure game. You play a guy named Eike Kusch, and you're investigating the murder of someone named Eike Kusch. In the first episode, I also try to recruit the help of some dude in a cafe named Eike Kusch. Then we set out to solve the mystery of why everyone in a German town has an American accent.

It was released in Japan and Europe as Shadow of Memories, and came out just about one year after the PS2 was initially released. So it's not strictly a launch title, but it was one of the two first games I bought when I first got a PS2 (the other being Zone of the Enders, because everyone had to have the MGS2 demo disc).

I loved the hell out of this game, despite its many flaws, because of the time travel theme and the strength of (some of) the writing. But nobody wants to hear me wax nostalgic for hours over really early PS2 graphics that haven't aged well, so I've brought Dan and Grace along with me for this ride. Grace is going into this completely blind, and even though Dan "one hundred percented this game twice" I still manage to show him some new things. To that end, I want to maintain a strict no spoilers policy. I know it's an old game but it was never really popular, and it really shouldn't be ruined for anyone who hasn't seen it before.


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