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Original Thread: The Horse Has Been Drinking, Not Me - Let's Play Shadow of the Colossus



The Horse Has Been Drinking, Not Me - Let's Play Shadow of the Colossus

The HD Collection (PS3)

---Game Description---
Team Ico, lead by the creative Fumito Ueda, strives to create games simple in their concepts, but rich and emotionally powerful in their execution. Not a single detail is ignored, leading to subtle yet beautiful stories that are both mystical, but at the same time, human. This attention to detail has resulted in only two game releases since their 1997 debut, but each of these games received abundant praise, and even in a new graphically enhanced era, are seen as art.

In Shadow of the Colossus, Team Ico's second release, a beautiful yet eerily quiet world is presented to you, but within this lush world lies a dark mystery. Who inhabited this place? What happened? And more importantly, what are the Colossus? Are they peaceful creatures content in their ancient land, or are they destructive monsters, trapped here to prevent otherwise unstoppable destruction? Among these questions lies a very human story. The story of a man who would do the impossible in the name of love. How far would you push yourself to save someome important to you? Would you willingly destroy life to bring back life? All these questions are presented like a painting. The thoughts aren't written down, but they are nestled under the surface. This game, from beginning to end, will leave you thinking. Whether it's regret, anger, pleasure, or sadness, from beginning to end, what do you see when you look into the world of Shadow of the Colossus?

The story is such:
You play as Wander, a young man on a quest to revive his deceased lover, Mono. He brings her to a temple in the Forbidden Land, where the deity Dorman strikes him a deal: defeat the 16 enormous, wondrous beasts called Colossi that wander the wasteland, and he will revive Mono. With just a sword, a bow, and his trusty steed Agro, Wander sets out to destroy every colossus one arduous battle at a time.

---LP Description---
Every individual colossus will encompass one video, including the journey to reach it. Video lengths can range from just 10 minutes up to 30 depending on the travel time and the colossus fight. All videos will be post-commentated with myself, ThornBrain and sometimes Mugiwara Yoshi. Most videos will not have the commentary edited unless in the case of the rare long cutscene. Parts 1-7 were recorded prior to posting the thread, 8-on were recorded after.

Time trials are possible in this game for each colossus fight, and I am willing to attempt them if the thread requests them, but keep in mind that it's just not possible for some colossi.

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