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Part 5

Back at it!

Ok, when we left off, we were exploring the spooky library of Castle Shadowgate.

First we'll take the skull (though we probably won't need it)

And the map with the same caveat.

This is the book on the desk. Sounds important.

Too bad our hero's an illiterate moron.

So let's loot the old wizard's desk instead.

Two scrolls (one of which is probably a magic spell, a key, and some weird glasses. Hope this isn't like 13 Ghosts.

Sounds like a spell...

Oh. Well, easy enough. Some spell having to do with the earth or the world or something.

As scrolls are wont to do.

Now the second scroll.

Gotcha. The ol' Greater Light a.k.a. Vas In Lor a.k.a. Daylight, etc. So we can just use this instead of torches,

yes? No. Like Uninvited, these spells are just scripted items and can only be used in one particular place.

Now those are done; what about those glasses?

Let's try reading the book now.


There's no chance this will be important later.

This is either our last or second-to-last spell, if memory serves. What's that hole in the wall doing?

We've seen this before...

I'm really going to have to do a Dr. Brain game after this. Not sure how well it'll translate to an LP, though.


Looking out the window.

And the poker.

The bellows.

The goblet.

The fireplace.

And, lastly, the globe.

Huh? Why's that important?

Wait, didn't we just learn a spell that said something about the Earth and such?

Yep. Let's try opening it.


Lost the screenshot of it but key 6 was in here. Also, bottle 5, but it doesn't do anything.

By request...


Looking at the cage. Oh, what could happen? Let's open it!


Ok, so no opening the cage. What's in that pot?

Yeah, yeah, but how does it TASTE?


Taking the horseshoe (sorry, hrseshoe)

Two of those vials are both more Bottle 2 (you'll only need one). The other two just say this.

And this. Nothing entertaining.

Looking at the weird hook in the floor.

This is through the north door.

There's a flute being suspended by the water pressure (I guess).

Looking at the fountain.

Oh, now HOW acidic, though?

That's bad, yeah. Not fatal (tried many times) though.

Yeah, you know, you keep saying that but I just don't believe you.


What about that gauntlet we got?

Guess that's good?

Maybe it was...

No problemo.

Playing the flute.

I always dream about holes in trees too.


Froze this transition in the process of painting the scenery. Note the already-burned carpet.

It's very majestic.

Let's set the carpet on fire.

First the key hidden under the rug. With that and a couple others we can open every door in the room.

Looking at the mirror. It's the only thing here we might need, I think.

This is the crest.

And the tapestry. Heading through the upper right room.

Oh, hey there! Let's try talking instead of hitting.

Nothing. Guess we'll just go right on up then...

Incidently, the Sphinx is the reason we're carrying around a bunch of useless garbage. Many of them are answers to her riddles. I think the first one is always the same but I couldn't remember which one it was so I got everything. In any event, we shouldn't need to pass again.

In case it's hard to see, I've selected the broom. But what if we'd gotten it wrong?

This is also what happens if you try attacking the Sphinx. Moving along to the room above the Sphinx.

Looking at the scroll.


It's hard to tell, but you can take that star on the chart.

See? Also you can "open" the chart:

And behind is a rod.

Looking through the telescope.




None of that worked, so let's LOOK some more.

When all else fails...

No surprises there. Ok. Werewolf, got it. Good thing our arrow's made of silver.

Ok, we've seen death and stabbed a woman with an arrow. More tomorrow.

Edit: Fixed sequence problem.