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by rojovision

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Original Thread: I Like My Shadows Runny - Let's Play Shadowrun (SNES) on Original Hardware



Shadowrun (1993) for the Super Nintendo is a loose adaptation of the pencil & paper version of the game (presumably 2nd edition), and the gameplay itself features a unique mix of isometric action RPG and point & click adventure mechanics. We take on the role of a Shadowrunner who's seen better days. Stricken with a deadly case of bullets and a side of amnesia, we need to unravel the mystery of why we were attacked and left for dead in the mean streets of 2050 cyberpunk Seattle.

The game was developed by Beam Software and published by Data East. As far as I know it was the first ever Shadowrun video game. Also as a fun side note, the game turned 25 earlier this year.

Our protagonist:

About the Playthrough
I've played through the game in full at least once or twice, and in part several times more. Suffice to say I'm fairly familiar with the game, and I've also done a bit of research for the playthrough so I can try to show off a couple neat things here and there. The game isn't particularly long if you know what to do for the adventure elements, and I'm going to cut out most if not all the grinding for money and karma that I do. There's a fair bit of talking to NPC's in the game, and I'm going to talk to most of them, but I'm going to try to do it fairly quickly while still paying attention to the story.

Something that I think is interesting and of note: I'll be playing an actual cart on my actual Super Nintendo. No emulation for this playthrough. I'll be running RGB from my SNES through a Framemeister for a 5x upscale, using one of FirebrandX's profiles. This game happens to fit perfectly in a 1080p resolution with nothing important of the original 240p image being cut off during gameplay. However playing on a real SNES does mean that there's some analog to digital video conversion happening which leads to some unfortunate flickering / noise in large patches of solid dark colors like blue and black (a byproduct of my upscaler). It's enough to be noticeable at times, but not a huge issue in my opinion. The image will also be a bit softer than an emulator, which is why the pixels might not seem as sharp as you might expect.


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