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Part 3: Bonus Update: The Amazing Zip Gun!

Bonus Update: The Amazing Zip Gun!

So you might be wondering "Danaru, why the fuck would you give away your gun?". First of all, I don't like your tone. Second of all, the game noticed we had somehow managed to get to this point and not have a gun. Glutman graciously gives us the Zip Gun!

The Zip Gun is a failsafe, after this point you can't get the Beretta from Red's still warm corpse, and you will be stuck in an area where you can't even get to a weapon shop without having to fight first. The only possible way you could get in this situation is:

-You sell it to this guy: for a cool 200 nuyen. He will not sell it back to you.
-You give it to Hamfist, who already has a way better weapon anyway.
-If you somehow don't get the Beretta at all

To this effect, let's talk about gun stats for a second. The two most important things about a gun are their attack power and accuracy. The beretta for instance has an attack of 3 and an accuracy of 1. The accuracy adds on to your firearm skill, so if you have a firearms skill of 3, and a beretta, you have an effective accuracy of 6. An effective accuracy of 8 means you never miss.

The eagle eyed among you may remember we have 7 Firearms skill. That means that as long as we have even a single accuracy point with our weapon, we'll never miss.

The Zip Gun has an attack of three, like the beretta, and an accuracy of zero.

The Zip Gun is the only gun in the game that we can use and still miss a shot.


Crystalgate posted:

A small correction on accuracy, the chance to hit is actually (1 + Firearms + Accuracy)/8, so you cannot miss even with the Zip gun with a Firearms skill of 7. 6 will guarantee a hit with any other weapon.

Even better, we're good enough to maintain 100% accuracy even with this thing!

Frankly I love the zip gun, it's a way of saying "here, you need a gun for the next section, but also you're a fucking idiot, so we're giving you the only thing worse than your starter gun. You somehow lost your beretta, so you don't DESERVE it."

We don't need good guns anyway. We'll bust out of these caryards with our broken ass weapon that might actually just be a pellet gun. Fuck you Glutman.

Also hey I finally remembered to equip this thing The blood is probably dry now so we don't even need to clean it