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Part 12: Bonus Update: Shadowrun Returns Stuff!

Really glad to see the excitement over playing some Shadowrun. I'd be interested in seeing some campaigns with the different folks here. Maybe we should gather everyone interested into a Skype group so we can coordinate a bit easier?

Oh and also:

Bonus Update: Shadowrun Returns Stuff!

So hey, I figured to disguise the fact that I totally forgot to record and pull screenshots from the game, I'd show off some of the swag Shadowrun Returns backers got!

So back when this started, I had a pretty good job working tech support and had a bit of money to chuck around. I dropped 500 large on the project considering how excited I was that not only was Shadowrun coming back in video game form, but it even had some of the SNES game guys too! In fact, the Shadowrun Returns soundtrack even went as far as to sample some of the SNES music. Not to mention Jake Fucking Armitage.

Then my company told me five minutes before the end of my last shift that they were selling the building, and that there was a taxi waiting for me outside. Corps got no respect, man.

In any case, the $500 reward tier got some swanky stuff, including all of the physical rewards. The next tier up was having your face as one of the characters in the game at $1000.

First up is an art book, I decided not to take many pictures of the inside since that seems a little douchey. It has some slick art, including concept art of areas in the game.

And it's signed! The signatures are from Mike Mulvihill, Jordan Weisman, and "M. Hol", who I'm not quite sure the identity of. I love them regardless.

I also got this fellow. It's a set of dog tags, but one of the tags is actually a 7 gigabyte flash drive.

A closer look at the other tag.

With the top level tier, you get all three of the shirts they were offering, only one of which fits anymore since I lost like fifty pounds in between pledging and the game actually coming out

A poster which I completely forgot about, tucked into the art book. It's above my computer now.

One of my favourite things is this, the Doc Wagon card. Platinum of course . It features my name and my ugly mug, as well as being surprisingly a realistic card.

The back is hard to read, but it says the following:


This card and the body it represents are the property of the issuing DOC WAGON franchise. Use of this card signifies agreement to the current conditions set forth by DOC WAGON. Cardholder agrees to surrender the card to DOC WAGON upon demand. The cardholder understands that DOC WAGON is not responsible to provide any rehabilitative care, but guarantees only to stabilize the cardholder's medical condition. If, in the judgement of DOC WAGON personnel, any part of the cardholder will no longer serve the cardholder, it becomes DOC WAGON property.

DOC WAGON is not responsible to provide medical attention within any set period of time, but will always use it's best judgement on the routing of it's personnel. DOC WAGON will also apply "Combat Surcharges" where it deems appropriate.

...Shit I really should have read that fine print.

Now you might have noticed this QR code. If you scan that, you're sent to this link.

Shadowrun Returns is fucking fantastic by the way, and you should absolutely play it.