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by Danaru

Part 16: The End

: "...Erh... I'm not good at this, but... Thank you."

: "For what?"

: "You know what."

: "Damn right I do, but I want to hear you say it."

: "I didn't tell you because I was worried you'd... well, do the exact thing you did. Except without the foresight of securing a helicopter. Thanks for the ride, by the way, Norbert."

: "No problem, That guy at the Drake Tower left the keys in the ignition."

: "Why do you think I decided to stick around after the Rat Shaman? Your idea of a contingency plan is "smash problem with face"."

: "I only did that once, and the problem was a head bomb."

: "Still, I'm impressed. I really didn't think you cared enough to consider sacrificing yourself to save the Matrix."

: "It was... wierd. After we killed Drake, I felt... almost purposeless. Killing Drake was my only real goal, and once that was done, and we found out about Aneki, I felt like I had to do whatever I could to finish the job."

: "...Well how about this, if anyone asks, we'll say your motivation was to piss on Drake's memory even more."

: "I like that."

: "Since we're on the way to Pushkin to let him know how it went, we should be able to get some clues about your past."

: "...You know, maybe we should leave the past in the past."

: "Why do say that?"

: "Honestly, think about it. Nothing I've ever done in the past is going to top killing a dragon and an AI all in the same night. Regardless of who I used to be, I'm a different man now, and I think I'm coming to terms with that."

: "That's a surprising amount of maturity coming from you."

: "I blame you for it."

: "All that remains is to find out what to do next. I guess now that the Matrix is safe, Shadowrunner is still a damn viable career choice."

: "Not a bad idea, although you might need some assistance with magic."

: "I think you're right. And how about you, Norbert? I think we could use a gunslinger and demolitions expert on the team."

: "Har har har! If every night is as fun as this has been, I might consider letting you pay me in explosions!"

: "Then it's settled. Maybe we should go let Glutman know he can move back to his office."

: "Maybe we should let him keep his job at the Jagged Nails for a bit longer. He's probably going to be fired once they realize he's keeping everyone but you out."

: "I don't imagine they'd be too happy to learn I killed one of their only customers."

: "Wait, are we losing altitude?"

: "What's an altitude?"

: "Norbert, please tell me you DO know how to fly a helicopter."

: "Nope! I've just been pushing any buttons that start blinking! It's been working so far."

: "What! Norbert!"

: "Oh hey! Look who's little miss foresight now!"

: "Compensate! Keep us level!"

: "What does "Empty Tank" mean?"


: "Haha! Now we're cooking with gas! Or maybe we're just full of hot ai--"

: "Thank you, Dog. I couldn't have done this without you."

: "I was happy to have been able to give you guidance."

: "I meant specifically the freeze spell. Drake would have wrecked me if I wasn't able to freeze him a ton."

: "...good enough."

: "I wonder if it would make me a jerk to thank you for the freeze spell too "

: "With the rat shaman out of the way, I was able to purify this land of the rat menace."

: "They weren't... really threatening anyone. The rat spirit is just a dick. Screw that guy."

: "After my... experiences with Jake, I decided to turn over a new leaf. I still have plenty of money, so I decided to become a partner at the local hospital. With my money, they were able to get all sorts of new equipment. All I ask in return is a percentage of the incoming stock to the blood bank. Heh heh..."

: "So it turns out fleecing every single customer isn't good business practice, so I ended up quitting before that place became a resume stain. Turns out the bounty was rescinded on account of the bounty giver getting, heh, 'iced'. Did I do that right?"

: "Anyway, you need a fixer, you come to Glutman. Also, Jake, about that cyberdeck you've been running around with, I want that back."

: "The funniest part is, I would have left you alone if you would have just told me the keyword when we first met."

: "I regret everything I've ever done."


: "Turns out Ares held a job fair right after Jake killed our CEO, so we all ended up getting way nicer jobs."

: "I like how little my new boss threatens to immolate me if I'm late with my work."

Another plan that just didn't pan out for Drake. We got a new game eventually, buddy, although you weren't in it.

: "Hamfist wandered into a place in Old Town, where a bunch of people were hanging out in a caryard. Everyone started calling Hamfist "The King". It might be a little racist, but they pay Hamfist good money. Hamfist might just hang out here for a while."

: "A lot of people be askin' me. Jangadance, how do you bust them ghouls so good? Well I'm gonna let ya in on a little secret today mon."

: "I shoot 'em. A lot. Usually in the face. That be really all it takes, but no one else wants'ta do it."

: "Losers. Who cares what they think."

: "A dragon? Really? Given how your night was going, I actually believe you. That and the fact that you smashed your helicopter into the Wastelands bar."

: "And no one got seriously injured. Except Jetboy. Haha."

: "That lady with the tail was nice to heal everyone though. Although I noticed she left Jetboy under that helicopter door."

: "She knows the score."

: "Nice work with Aneki, boss. I'm glad I was able to help you with the Rust Stilettos."

: "You were a big help, Andrew. I like that you didn't try to take my money."

: "One of these days you might get even get it right."

: "Please get this off me."

: "Maybe after this song. The folks are really digging the warzone look. I might not even charge that sunglasses guy."

: "The way I see's it, the universe crashed me safely into the bar for a reason."

: "It wasn't a safe landing, I had to heal your massive concussion."

: "Aye, but I'm still alive! And my stomach's just fine! Another round, barkeep! And one for the lady here too!"

: "It's hard to believe how well things turned out. The matrix is saved, Aneki is all but destroyed, no one is trying to kill Jake anymore, and best of all, everyone's still alive."

: "Oh wait, except that guy! Haha! That was fantastic."

: "So here I am with this grand plan to deck into Aneki and help Jake out, and I see a damn building explode. That is one man you want to stand behind, considering everyone who stood in front of him is dead now. He might be rough around the edges, but he gets shit done."

: "(huff) The... The dwarf can... run really fast... (huff huff) I couldn't... keep up with him..."

: "Sorry lass, let me make it up to ya with a drink!"

: "...I uh, I don't drink, but... well... this has been an interesting night. Maybe just this once."

: "That's the spirit. This has been a long night of firsts. Especially for me!"

: "Jake!"

: "Oh hey, we were on our way to see you when we uh, got distracted."

: "This is incredible! The program worked, and you managed to get out okay! I heard that a helicopter had crashed Downtown, and knew it had to be you! You honour the memory of Raitsov, Jake. I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

: "Heh, no problem Doc. I'm just happy I can go take a piss without four guys with guns barging in."

: "I have something for you. Before you were implanted with the head computer and the datajack, you left these notebooks behind for safe keeping. They should help you get your memory back."

: "...I see... It looks like I was a meticulous note taker..."

: "It's the least I could do to return them."

: "...Keep 'em, doc."

: "Pardon?"

: "That was a different Jake Armitage, he's not here anymore. I've decided to move forward. I've got a ton of money stolen from Aneki, I'm surrounded by the best men and women in Seattle, I've got no need for the past anymore."

: "...Very well, Jake. I understand."

: "You know something, Doc? Seattle doesn't suck as bad as I thought it did."

: "Jake? Where are you going?"

: "I'll be back in a bit, there's two people left that I have to apologize to."

Thanks for making it. And thank you for reading!