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Part 1

Prologue time. This girl reads a poem or something while a bird flies around.

He shall appear from a Far Eastern land across the sea,
A young man who has yet to know his potential,
This potential is a power that could either destroy him or realise his will,
His courage shall determine his fate,
The path he must traverse, fraught with adversity,
I await whilst praying for this destiny predetermined since ancient times,
A pitch-black night unfolds with the morning star as its only light,
And thus, the saga begins...

You never actually find out her name in the game, so I'll leave it that way. However it was pretty common knowledge even before the game came out, so if you really want to know, it's (SPOILER: Ling Sha Hua or Ling Shenhua)

Welcome to Shenmue.

It's November 29th, 1986 in good old Yokosuka, Japan.

Our gallant hero, Ryo Hazuki, is running home for no particular reason.

What's this? Somebody broke Ryo's "Leather Jackets are awesome" sign.

Ryo is greatly displeased.

Of course Ryo got the license plate of that ominous black car before entering the gate.

Ryo finds Ine (-san is a Japanese title, kind of like Mr./Mrs.), the family maid, sitting around doing nothing.

She points him to the dojo before Ryo sends her inside to wash the dishes.

What could lie inside? Probably ninja assassins. Who came in a black Mercedes.

You can't see it here, but absolutely nobody sent this guy flying out the door.

Yes, this guy's name is Fuku. You may laugh.

Inside, two black suits notice Ryo and try to cop a feel.

Iwao Hazuki. Massive spoiler: (SPOILER: he dies).

This is Lan Di. Iwao stole his pocket mirror and now he can't do his makeup on the go.

It's my turn to look pretty!

Guess that means it's time to throw down.

Ryo rushes in to help.

But quickly changes his mind and decides to take a nap.

In case you couldn't tell, this game uses motion blur that makes getting screen caps of action scenes a pain in the ass. This was the best I could do.

Just watch it in video: Video

Iwao still won't give up that mirror.

Lan Di's eyes are scary.

Lan Di decides to demonstrate how strong he is.

Oh, now he's just showing off.

Um.... where were you planning on sticking those fingers?

Lan Di dispatches his goons to find it and turns his attention back to Iwao.

Murder? Intriguing!


Iwao was already up, but whatever.


Lan Di surveys the field of battle, as his goons return. They sure can find buried objects fast.

Hey, this thing doesn't reflect at all! What a ripoff.

What's going on here? Somehow Ryo notices this tattoo.

Lan Di is late for his manicure.

Ryo crawls to his father. Missing in screenshots: Ryo's obnoxious groaning.

Iwao prepares to die.

His last words are useful advice. Or is it an cryptic clue to the past?

...Aaand he croaks.

Obligatory ominous lightning and thunder clash.

Full Intro

NEXT UPDATE: Ryo's wet dreams