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Part 16: Actually Looking for a Guy Named "Charlie"

The kitty is now referred to as Tama.

After feeding the kitty another Salami, Rup goes back to finding Charlie.

Along the way he hears some shenanigans.

It's the black coat gang again.

They have delusions of infamy.

Nozomi reminds them of the "delusions" part.

Okay, I thought Nozomi was the Canadian in the game, eh?

True tough guys always spread the power of knowledge.

The fellas are easily distracted.

Nagashima makes a move.


Holy rape, Batman!

Enoki rears back to punch her or something.

Ryo arrives just in time. Even though he was like 20 feet away the whole time.

Apparently Enoki forgot the last time his ass got beat.



Our first free battle of the game. Basically Virtua Fighter crossed with a beat-'em-up.

I don't know why Ryo even bothers.

Rather than sweeping the damsel in distress to his castle, Ryo gives her a lecture.

NEXT UPDATE: Really Actually Looking for a Guy Named "Charlie"