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Part 18: Time Wasting, Episode 3

Because he's still a poor bastard, Ryo heads home to make these phone calls. Also I get to save there.

Ryo checks in with Nozomi to see if she's okay. I'd actually never heard this conversation before.

Nozomi always has some weird reason to end the call.

Some guy called Naoyuki is in the phone book. Supposedly he's Ryo's friend.

But he's not there. SOME FRIEND.

Attempting to call the police is no good. Wait, why DIDN'T the police investigate the murder?

Let's report a fire.

Geez, Ryo, you spoil sport.

Tomato Mart time.

Worthless merchandise.

You'll see this a lot.

After trying several times I finally get something.

It doesn't really matter what you pick, so the first reply gets the choice. Cassettes:
OutRun - Magical Sound Shower
Hang On
Space Harrier
Afterburner - Final Take Off

NEXT UPDATE: Waiting for Charlie