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Part 20: Tattoo Shops

Ryo grabs some milk out of the fridge to feed Tama. He then heads to find some thugs.

Something need doing?

No, I just decided to ask you about yours for no reason whatsoever.


Um, okay.

We're given a choice here which I forgot to screen cap.

We say yes.

That sounds like the easiest initiation ever. Also, it's strange seeing his eyes beneath the sunglasses.

Ryo could ask around for the location of Okayama Heights...

Or find it on a map. He heads on over.

Yeah... the tattoo artist already finished.

We get to see a glimpse what the sailor boys talk about during their free time.

Ryo enters and the pair confuse their pants with toilets.

It's love at first sight for the tattoo artist. With Ryo's skin.

The tattooist gives up Charlie for his new love.

What horrors await behind the curtain?

NEXT UPDATE: Charlie's Private Time