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Part 22: Remember wait holy crap what the hell is with you Fuku-san

Ryo steps into the dojo that night for some meditation and swears vengeance once again.

Fuku's a creepy stalker.

"Hey, this would be the perfect time to use my new move, Arm Break Fire! Mind if I try it out on you, Fuku-san?"
"Sure, Ryo-san! It sounds cool!"


After a trip to the emergency room, Fuku inquires about Ryo's progress.

If the alternative is taking you, then yes.

Come on, look at Ryo. He's got his kill face on.

Responsible for what? Oh yeah, this guy's supposed to be 7 years older than Ryo. But Ryo treats him like a little brother (and rightly so).

I guess Ryo wasn't that diligent of a student before.

Holy... crap. Fuku is really creepy tonight. There must be a full moon.

Wait, now he's crying. Is it that time of the month?

That settles that. Hopefully.

Guess not. Ine-san has super hearing or something, because this is the front gate, well out of earshot from the dojo.

Ryo tells her off. Situation handled.

She's a persistent one.

Twang! Ine-san finally does something more useful than nagging.

Picture for any of you who can read that.

That's like the worst reasoning ever.

Pfft. Like Ryo hasn't done that already.

Promise? Promise what?

Um, promise... Ryo quickly realizes that Ine-san has failed to lay out any terms.

So he jumps on that. Just look at the smirk. He knows he's tricked this senile old woman and he's loving it.

Well, nobody in the Hazuki residence can read Chinese, so on tomorrow's agenda is finding a translator and meeting up with Charlie.

NEXT UPDATE: Curse of the Soccer Ball