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Part 23: Curse of the Soccer Ball

December 7th, 1986

Yes, if only. Rather than being helpful Fuku leaves you with that.

On the way in to town, some kid comes to Ryo all weepy.

See, I told you that ball was cursed.

Thanks for playing right into their trap, kid. You want your ball so much you're willing to trade me for it?

Ryo recognizes a friendly face.

All Ryo did was show up and demand information about a cartel. How this translates to helping some kid get his soccer ball back in Charlie's mind, I have no idea.

Well, seeing as it WAS only yesterday. And Ryo DID just obviously recognize you.

Oh snaps.


Just for Lasher, I almost exclusively used throws. Bonus QTE footage at the end. NYEHH, NYEHH, NYEHH!

The instant the kid gets the soccer ball he gets in trouble again.

That guy in the back is being totally stealthy.

The kid finally wisens up and drops the ball.

The ball unleashes its curse on Charlie, who had not yet received his due for possessing it.

Ryo deals with Not-Solid Snake with an incredibly awkward backhand.

More idle threats.

Oh man! Chinese person!

Oh god, now he's just mixing up two languages and I'm confused.

The kid runs off without helping Ryo translate the letter. Back to square one. Everyone in town will once again refer you to Ajiichi for Chinese matters.

Tao-san there can't read it because it uses some old Kanji and is written weird and something.

Although he does behave pretty strangely.

Seriously. That's suspicious if I ever saw it. (There's nothing behind this, it's just poor dialogue. At least that's what I think.)

He tells you to find his delivery boy, who is apparently good with Kanji.

Ryo looks around and finds him staring longingly at the coke machine.

Okay, you're a delivery boy. Why the hell do you not have change?

So, do we buy this stupid whelp a coke or not?

NEXT UPDATE: Translating the Letter (nothing remotely witty here)