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Part 29: Warehouse Scouring

December 9th, 1986

Inside the warehouse, Ryo begins looking for clues or something.

The giant 8 on the side probably wasn't enough to be sure.

Further in, something's up.

Old warehouse district?

Yet another redirection of Ryo's objective. I wonder if real quests for vengeance have this much sidetracking.

It takes a while, but Ryo finally finds the Old Warehouse District.

The security guard all took the "turning away unauthorized personnel" training course.

Apparently it took place on a fighter jet runway or something because they're deaf.

Wandering around the harbor leads to a strange encounter.

This was more of a demand than a question.


A pestering woman receives...

... an

What a comeback.

Say, who are they? Let's have an impromptu flashback scene.

Crazy schoolgirls. They sure told Ryo off.

Ryo steps in to find out what's going on.

You could say no here, but seriously, why.

Ryo jumps at the chance to exact revenge on the dynamic duo.

Ryo approaches. The air is thick with tension.

Yes, I got a screencap while he was blinking. Deal with it.

Now how do you think the dynamic duo take to this?

Answer: not kindly.

That's a razor blade.

Ryo dodges and even throws out a little trashtalking. Now prepare for one of the greatest moments in videogaming history...

Schoolgirl neck chopping. And so casual about it, too.

Crazy cunt #2 takes her shot...

Which is nowhere near good enough.

More trashtalk from Ryo. Why does he only do this when fighting schoolgirls?

For some reason the recording for this line was reused from her identical line earlier. It sounds very awkward.


Now it's Mai who is left to face the blackness of her soul.

Ryo reports the news.

And does some info digging while he's at it.

Once again, Ryo is friendly with people only to manipulate personal gain.

This is practically like scoping out some place you want to break in to. Oh wait, it is.

Here Hisaka-san makes an observation that there are 10 security guards, but they order 12 lunches. I don't know, it's not entirely important.

Ryo delivers the goods.

I think this sign says something about a guard change from 8 to 9pm.

Just standing around, Ryo overhears some juicy information.

I'd say something about how terrible these security guards are, but I can't be bothered to think of anything.

NEXT UPDATE: Friendly Interruption