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Part 33: A Return to Fetch Questing

December 20th, 1986

Ryo sets out to find this second mirror in his house.

He finds Fuku-san moping around the cherry tree.

Without even being asked, Fuku spills his wrongdoings.

Thanks a lot. Really.

Needed to know so what? So she could nag me more?

...You disappoint me.

Actually, Fuku, you live up to your expectations. EXPECTATIONS OF FAILURE.



be useful somehow.

He isn't. Once again as expected.

Ine-san has a PhD in eavesdropping.

Well, blaming Fuku is always a valid excuse.

Right, replace "just" with "intentionally" and it's an accurate claim.

Ryo... uh, denies it. Maybe?

What is that supposed to mean.

And that!

What a guilt trip.

Wait, is Ine-san actually going to assist Ryo?

She is! Incredible.

Went to an antique shop to have something stored. Doy.

Well, time to go check that out.

On the way into Dobuita, Ryo stops by to check on the kitty. She's healthy enough to sit around outside the box now!

Surprise visit!

Talking? With who? I wasn't talking to no one.

Nozomi finally airs some of her grievances.

But not for long.

Ryo agrees tentatively.

Lesson of this encounter: Ryo talks to the kitty more than Nozomi.

NEXT UPDATE: Antiquities