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Part 36: What Lies Beneath

December 20th, 1986

Ryo drops down and makes an immediate observation.

It is dark.

Luckily, Ryo has a magical device that creates light. All he needs to do is perform the secret ritual.

Flicking his thumb.

The pathway opens up to reveal a room, lightly littered with random artifacts. Time to start scouring.

Ryo's first discovery is a good luck charm.

Don't know how he determines that, but we'll take his word for it.

A small chest reveals a Gi...

...and a photograph.

Iwao and some bozo. Who could it be?

Ryo takes it.

Next up is a mysterious elixir.

Hmm... China, maybe?

Looks like a kunai. Don't you know your own culture, Ryo?

Ryo finds an apparent move scroll and takes it.

Another chest.

A giant scroll.

Ryo spots a lightbulb. Since looking at stuff in the dark with only a flashlight is bad for your vision, Ryo decides to test it out.

So he runs off to the Tomato Mart and picks up a light bulb.

Ryo returns to put this battle of man versus nature to the test.

Ah, light.

Ryo examines his beauty in a mirror and notices something.

Yeah, I don't really know.

Some comb captures Ryo's interest.

A sake cup has the family crest. Whoop.

Some other medicine, not an elixir of eternal youth.

Ryo checks out a thick book that catches his eye.

Something flutters out.

Hmm... a still fresh leaf in an old dusky basement? Where we found an elixir of eternal youth? Oh my.

Ryo takes it for posterity.

More random junk.

Ryo notices some scrapes on the floor.

He moves the table that caused them.

Revealing a little something.

Guess which one sounded hollow.

Conveniently, there is an axe down here.


After all that elaborate hiding, the safe probably didn't need a lock anyways.

Whoo. Now what exactly is the story behind the pair?

Fuku comes over to pester Ryo about the find. After not helping out at all.

Fuku, ever the weak little pansy.

Ryo decides to creep him out. Or maybe he actually feels something.

Who knows.

Fuku sure doesn't.

Ouch. Ryo can be ice cold when he feels like it.

Fuku, you crazy.

Time to find out what's going on.

NEXT UPDATE: Stone Mirrors