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Part 45: Translations & Sorrow

December 26th, 1986

Remember that move scroll Ryo picked up in the dojo's secret basement? Well, apparently it's in Chinese.

Same goes for the mysterious scroll that was hidden on the mantle.

Ryo decides to give Master Chen a call about them.

Blah blah password warehouse no. 8 name Hazuki etc.

We finally get to Gui Zhang. Still have no idea who that screener is.

Second choice, that's what Gui Zhang is.

Gui Zhang is bursting with enthusiasm.

The exclamation point seems unnecessary.

This is actually directions on how to do the move. Forward, Back, Back, X (arm) + A (leg)

Sounds strong.

I don't really know how you're supposed to master a move based off a few words and some pictures.

Yes, really. Now for that scroll.

Say what?

Oh, he's reading it.

That's quite a security measure.


Oh snaps foreshadowing

Later that night, during wandering about around the arcade...

Ryo has an encounter with Eri, one of Nozomi's friends.

Oh boy, what's up now?

And so we head on over. Of course, we could avoid the park and just head home if we felt like it, but that would be mean.

Ryo gets to the park and spots her. Actually, he hears her sniffling first.

Crying?! That's something KIDS do!

"There" being Canadia.

I'm not entirely sure what's the setup with Nozomi's parents. Apparently her mom's here in Japan (though there's never any other mention of her).

And her dad's in Canada. But they're apparently not divorced, since if it weren't for the grandmother the mom would be going back too? I guess they're just living separately for no explained reason.

Oh my.

Ryo is startled by this news. Somehow. Even though she already told him she liked him.

Ryo obliges.

Hey, don't blame that on Ryo. He tried to call on Christmas Eve.

Apparently this is some kind of big deal in Japan. To spend Christmas Eve together, I mean. It might have been mentioned in this thread, but I have a terrible memory, so... I don't know. Obviously this event doesn't occur before Christmas.

How sweet.

Wow that was a long time.

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