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Part 46: Employment

December 27th, 1986

Ryo stops by to check on the kitty.

She's gotten up on top of the shrine!

Ryo is an idiot. My cat climbed a giant tree one afternoon and didn't get down until the next day. He hasn't climbed another tree since.

Kitty jumping action!

Megumi is impressed.

Ryo turns to leave...

What're you doing here?

What's that you're carrying?

I don't recall ever giving my cat medicine (aside from vaccinations), even after he got in and won fights with the local canine population. He's a badass. Okay, gonna stop talking about my cat now.

Megumi prevents the would-have-been awkward silence.

Ryo, as usual, just stares into space.

Still early for the meeting, so Ryo stands in front of the warehouse and blocks traffic for a couple hours.

Finally Goro shows up.

He assumes an odd stance and gives Ryo the good news.

Ryo sounds dubious.

A female enters!

What's that?


Goro is ignored.

Goro with an impromptu squat.

Goro, well...

He's a strange one.

That's hardly the most appropriate term to describe him.

Ryo interrupts their friendly exchange.

Yay, another appointment.

Like at any job appointment, Yada-san doesn't care if you show up a bit early, so we'll just head over now.


Ryo, once again, fails to mention his name.

Yada-san doesn't seem to care about much. Appointment times, names, feh.

Time for training.

Job experience? Meh. Nothing is worth caring about for the great Yada-san.

Welcome Mark. Or as he is called in this thread, "The least enthusiastic black man in the universe".

All aboard the forklift... tutorial.

It is accelerating. Just in the opposite direction.

So, yeah. You forklift crates around until 5pm.

After a hard day's work it's time to collect a paycheck.

That's right, you get a raise every single day that you meet quota. Lord knows how much money the veterans at this place are making.

Now it's time to go fishing for some info about the Mad Angels.

NEXT UPDATE: Asking About Angry Angels