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by MrXmas

Part 51: Hanging Out Around the Harbor, the rest of it

December 28th, 1986

We don't make it 2 steps before it seems that somebody else is stalking Ryo.

Oh no, turn around!

It's just Gui Zhang's legs and torso. No big deal...

Wait, why are you attacking me? ... Again?

Ryo dodges the kick and its follow-up.

Ryo is angry and confused.

Gui Zhang can't seem to make up his mind whether he wants to protect Ryo or kill him.

What? Ryo handily dealt with those guys harrassing Mark, didn't he?

Wait, so were you speaking in past or future tense about the Mad Angels?

Yeah, Ryo! Tell off the only guy who could help you in a fight!

What will it be?

1) Yea
2) Nay

NEXT UPDATE: Dodgy Old Bum