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Part 52: a: Dodgy Old Bum

December 28th, 1986

Ryo accepts Gui Zhang's offer, but keeps his rebellious attitude.

= Back + Kick

I'll detail out how learning moves from people works.

You press Back here. You always start with "footwork", aka the direction presses.

Then you add in the strikes/kicks/holds/dodges.

Now Back + Kick. Mastering moves is just that simple!

Blah blah talk that doesn't really help you use the move.

You'll always get the option to practice more. Not sure if doing it will raise your proficiency level at all.

Insert more practice here...

Fun fact: if you turn down the extra practice, Gui Zhang is a bit apprehensive.

After the lesson, Ryo and Gui Zhang have a little chat.

Perceptive, Gui Zhang. Ryo only explicitly asked you and your dad for help.

Ryo is one determined fellow.

Ryo and Gui Zhang finally start to bond.

Walking around the harbor, Ryo runs into yet another person lying in wait for him.

This time, it's your friendly neighborhood bum.

He lives here, you insensitive prick!

No thanks, I don't really need to learn how to blow all my money on booze.

Say what?

Ryo is flattered.


Ryo lets loose a mighty punch.

Did we ever tell this guy our name?

Perhaps there's more to this bum than meets the eye.

This time, it's for real!

Because you're slow and he's fast!

One final swing for Ryo.

The bum sidesteps and taps Ryo off balance.

Is there even a debate here?

1) Learn
2) Be a friggin' idiot

NEXT UPDATE: Lessons From a Bum

UPDATE 52b: Lessons From a Bum

December 28th, 1986

Last we checked Ryo was considering the old man's offer.


I don't really know what Ryo's doing here.

More tutorials.

Forward + Y + B!

The results.

Where did this guy learn to talk?

Part of it's from Yoda.

Ryo, mid-blink.

Didn't Gui Zhang mention the same thing? What is this, some kind of martial arts rule? (SPOILER: Yes.)

Well, considering you live here and Ryo works here, the chances seem high.

Ryo seeks the answer to his prior question.

More smalls pieces of information about Iwao.

Ryo's not quite sure what to make of them.

More martial arts teachings. This old bum is just chock full of information.

Sweet, a place to get sweaty at the harbor.

This is a bold lie.

Again with the practice.

NEXT UPDATE: Another Welcoming Committee