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Part 57: Work, Day 4

Ryo gets some sleep and dreams of...

Lan Di! He's back in Ryo's head, and things won't ever be the same.

And those mirrors, too.

December 31th, 1986

Wow, the time just flies, doesn't it?

Ryo refreshes his memory on the current state of his quest.

Video of the morning race here.

Awkward lunchtime conversations again.

Mark's pretty interested in this topic.

Fill in the blank.

Yeah, sounds nice.


Ryo offers up an excuse.

Fill in the blank again.

The simplest advice is sometimes the best.

Of course, not like Ryo will pay it any heed.

Play it cool, man. Nobody suspects you!

Yes... "might".

Oh, come on, you too? What's with all this girlfriend talk? Apparently everybody noticed Nozomi's visit.

Who told you to speak?

Yeah, like a special ed center nurse.

Another trademark Ryo insincere comment.


Back on the job, when...

Goro, stop napping in the middle of the road!

Bad case of the runs?

Sailors, again?

Hey, it's our old pal.

Ryo gives chase as Goro flounders about.

Well, this doesn't look like a set up at all.

Um, yeah, just chased that guy in here.

Oh man. You can probably figure out what happens now.


Slow motion highlight of the match. Look ma, one hand!

Oh snap.

Ryo's too straight (ha ha) to appreciate the gay jokes.

That... is actually somewhat scary. I mean, look at those eyes. Those soulless, dead eyes.

This, of course, does not please Ryo. So much so that he goes out of his way to land a fancy elbow on the guy.

After work, Mark catches Ryo stepping out of the office.

Mark's turning in to one of Ryo's better informants.

Pretty fancy name there. Sounds like a party to crash.

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