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Part 58: The Hobo's Final Lesson

Ryo checks in with his favorite homeless person.

Hobo: I heard about you... hear you're after the Mad Angels.
Ryo: Yes...
Hobo: I know you want revenge, but... if somethin' happen to you, how 'bout the Hazuki tradition?
Ryo: But I...
Hobo: No buts boy. If no one were left to carry on... aww, what a shame that'd be. I will show you another move.

Ryo gets surprised.

Ryo: What's that move?
Hobo: It's called the Cross Charge. Just at the moment you evade, slam into your opponent's side. When you's up against multiple opponents, they can all gang up on ya', you know. This move is perfect for times like that.
Ryo: Thank you very much.

No chance to practice it, but it's essentially a new throw move.

After getting home later that night, Ryo gives Nozomi a call to warn her about the harbor, what with the crazy sailors making threats and such.

Ryo: ... Nozomi?
Nozomi: Ryo, the photo's good, eh?
Ryo: Yeah, but I don't think you should come to the harbor.
Nozomi: What? Why?
Ryo: The harbor's dangerous.
Nozomi: It's all right. I'll avoid the bad parts.
Ryo: Don't come at all.
Nozomi: Why not? ... I'm sorry. I shouldn't be rude, I know you're looking out for me.
Ryo: It's okay, but, please, stay away from the harbor.
Nozomi: I understand. Ryo, stay out of trouble.
Ryo: I will.

Time to look forward to the next and final day of work.

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