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by MrXmas

Part 66: Faceoff

January 2nd, 1987

Time for an ambush.

You don't say?

Well, let's see how this goes down.

That Ryo, always asking questions.

Oh, nice and convenient timing.

The guy in the red leather jacket and flame t-shirt runs and hides like a wimp.

Well, that's getting straight to the point.

Gui Zhang is rightly confused.

Ryo will give none of that "explanation" nonsense.

So Gui Zhang repeats his bewilderment...

And prepares to battle.


The pictures up until the knockdowns are covered in the video, except the fight differs as they are from two separate runs through the scene.

During the fight, they grapple and Ryo whispers sweet nothings into Gui Zhang's ear. I mean, tries to tell him his plan.

Okay, your last four lines have had "What?" in them. Try something new.

Ryo gets to the bottom line.

Of course, Gui Zhang will have nothing of it.

What's a rivalry fight without trash talking?

That was a good one, Ryo.


Uh, yes, let's try to exercise some maturity and refrain from making a homosexual-targeted comment here.

oh god I used the word stroke

Nothing like a healthy slash to the midsection. Also, Ryo exercises his heightened powers of observation.

Great, now they're REALLY going to go at it.

Oh, it'll be brought.

They prepare to bring it.

It is brung.

Gee, thanks.

Truly these are prime examples of generosity of the mouth.

Surprise! Terry wants to join the fun!

Too bad Ryo always has to be the party pooper.

Terry said he would keep his word. What a liar.

Ryo decides to get buddied-up with Gui Zhang again. It'll probably come in handy soon.

Or should I say, IT'S on?

NEXT UPDATE: Rumble in the Harbor