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Part 1: Game Rules & Information

Let's All Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective 1, 2 & 3

Introduction Video

Game Information

The Setup - We take on the roles of Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson who have nine new cases to solve in this mixture of adventure and simulation. Each case starts with a short introduction video, a plot summary and a batch of newspapers to peruse. It's up to you to deduce any clues from the initial resources and follow the clues. You will win each case by going to the right locations and speaking to the right people to secure your conviction. The aim of the game is to solve each case in the shortest amount of time. there is a points system which I will go into details further down. We have a number of resources at hand that can help us with our case.


We're meant to get a new edition of a newspaper for each new case that we start. For some reason, the cases on the CD-Rom version are all out of order. I have uploaded scans taken from the game box, with each new case that we start I will provide the dates of all the relevant newspapers.

I have uploaded the scans here:

The Directory is a long list of names of people and places which we can visit. If we go to a location that is related to the case we have an opportunity to interrogate a suspect, interview someone of interest or consult a number of specialists. If we go somewhere unrelated to the case we end up wasting our time. Each visit should, hopefully, provide you with more clues and open up some more leads to follow. If you speak to the right person you will get some answers that will help you solve the case. The directory is unique to each case, but there are a dozen locations that will pretty much be a staple in every case.

The Baker Street Regulars will be a regular feature in every case and they are experts in their own field. We can visit them at any time and they can, most of the time, provide additional support and information relating to the case. Their help is never always guaranteed, sometimes a visit can be a wasted trip.

Henry Ellis is the foreign news editor for the London Times. He is particularly interested in crime news.

Edward Hall is a Barrister at Old Bailey, serving the Queen's court. The young man can be a valuable resource.

Quentin Hogg was once an inspector for Scotland Yard. He is now a crime reporter for the Police Gazette.

Inspector Lestrade works at Scotland Yard, assigning London's "finest" to the various crimes that plague the streets.

The great London Library contains a wealth of information. The institution will shed light on almost any subject.

Sir Jasper Meek is the chief medical examiner at St. Bartholomew's. Technical analysis of corpses are his speciality.

H.R. Murray is the head chemist at the Scotland Yard Criminology laboratory. He examines physical evidence.

Disraeli O'Brian is the head clerk at the Office Of Records. He documents criminal and civil records within the continent.

Langdale Pike covers London's social scene and contributes rather scandalous gossip to the garbage papers.

Porky Shinwell is the proprietor of the Raven and Rat Inn. Although tedious, he is a great resource of information.

Somerset House is a records office. It contains valuable information from births to last wills and testaments.

The Baker Street Irregulars can be used as many times as you want but their abilities are limited. They are street boys who can go anywhere where Holmes & Watson can go, but their use is in for collecting data and clues. Their interrogation skills are severely limited.

The Judge - If we believe that we have collected enough evidence to solve the case we can bring it to the judge. He will ask us a series of questions relating to the case, if we answer those questions correctly we secure the conviction.

Gameplay Rules

The places that we go with each update will depend entirely on your choices. Everyone can vote for a maximum of five locations for the Detectives to visit, you're very welcome to be descriptive with your deductions. The location with the highest votes will be visited first and work our way down the list, any ties in votes will be put to a randomiser. You can also vote for the Baker Street Irregulars to visit one location in each update, the highest vote will win and a tie will go to a randomiser.

To make life easier I will provide a short-list of the directory locations containing a unique cut-scene. Unique does not always mean that they will be of any use. It's up to you to work out which locations are worth visiting.

I'm borrowing this from the other LP. If you think that we have enough evidence you can call a vote to Close The Case. If the majority vote is to go ahead then I will put forward the Judge's questions to you all, if they can be answered correctly I will close the case.

The points system

Each action that you take in this game costs points. The aim of the game is to accrue the lowest amount of points possible, it's more likely for bragging rights as you aren't in competition with anyone else.


I will be recording a solo playthrough to show the most optimal way of completing each case.