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Part 6: Update #3

Let's All Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Mummy's Curse (Update #3)

I'm not sure if I should be commenting more on each clip. Would it be more helpful if I gave some slight indication that a particular clip is useful to the case or not? Or should I just remain neutral?

Notebook (New clues will be spoilered.)

1. Dr. Watson learns from the Times that a mummy is supposedly responsible for three men's deaths. He does not reveal the names but they are certainly listed in the articles.

2. At the British Museum, Holmes and Watson learn that Windibank's body was found in the mummy's case - a bandage of linen around his neck. The mummy was also there, completely undisturbed. They also lean that Windibank worked at the London University.

3. The men visited Scotland Yard but even though Lestrade has spoken with Captain Ramsey, the Inspector has no idea who killed these men.

4. Holmes visited the Weatherby residence and questions Clarissa Weatherby about her husband and her relationship with Mr. Uruburu. She only admits to loving her husband.

5. The great detective visited the home of the late James Windibank. He learns from his wife that James didn't believe in curses and considered himself a man of science.

6. Holmes visited with Captain Ramsey of the Eastern Empress. The man admits to putting Mr. Luther Tenney in charge of investigating the death of James Windibank.

7. The Irregulars uncovered a list of passengers from the Eastern Empress: Abdullah Al-Saud, Akram Fahmi, Louise Fenwick, Merrill Fenwick, Phillip Travis, Anthony Uruburu, Andrew Weatherby, Clarissa Weatherby, and James Windibank.

8. The detectives visited with Luther Tenney and learn that Travis and Windibank were constantly arguing and Windibank got in a fight with Mr. Uruburu. Other information concerned a bowl found near Windibank's body and two suspicious Arabs.

9. Watson visited Murray at the Criminology Lab where he learns that while the linens are old, they did not kill the men. He also learns they contain dog and monkey hairs.

10. The men talked with Lawrence Feld at the London University. Mr. Feld explains that Turnbull teamed up with Windibank and Weatherby for the Katebet expedition. Apparently there were hard feelings from those who were left behind.

11. Holmes paid a visit to Turnbull's home and learns what he already knew - that Turnbull was the Earl of Downey.

12. Holmes and Watson visited Henry Ellis. They learn that Ellis had been out of town and Philip Travis has been writing articles for the Times.

13. The Irregulars visited Sir Jasper who tells them that the linens were not what killed the men.

14. Holmes visited Mr. Uruburu at his residence. There he learns that the man apparently had a liaison with Clarissa Weatherby.

15. Holmes talked to Phillip Travis and discovers that the journalist believes Egyptian gods killed the Englishmen. Much to Holmes' chagrin, the man attempts to raise the spirit of a monkey.

16. Holmes visited Hogg who tells him that a passenger list shows that there were two Arabs aboard the ship the Eastern Empress.

17. The great detective spoke with the bickering Fenwicks. The couple was on board the Eastern Empress but seemed to know little of the murder.

18. The Irregulars visited the Raven and Rat Inn and find that Shinwell overheard an Arab talking with an English gent about a ship named the Eastern Empress.


British Museum - Founded in 1773 by Sir Hans Sloan, this great national museum and library is located on Montague-street. My first chambers were located on the same street, just around the corner.

Ellis, Henry (Newspaper - London Times) - Baker Street Regular.

Fahmi, Akram - Native of Saudi Arabia, intensely interested in medieval artefacts, particularly of the precious nature.

Fenwick, Merril/Louise - Merrill Fenwick is president of the Bank of England. He was originally employed there by Clarence Clement, the bank's former president.

Hall, Edward (Old Bailey) - Baker Street Regular.

Hogg, Quentin (Newspaper - Police Gazette) - Baker Street Regular.

Lestrade, Inspector (Scotland Yard - Criminology Department) - Baker Street Regular.

London Library - Baker Street Regular.

London University (Feld, Lawrence) - This institute of higher learning was founded in 1836 at Westminster. Among other functions it serves as an examining board which grants degrees to candidates in the arts and sciences.

Meek, Sir Jasper (St. Bartholomew's Hospital) - Baker Street Regular.

Murray, H.R. (Scotland Yard - Criminology Lab) - Baker Street Regular.

O'Brian, Disraeli (Office Of Records) - Baker Street Regular.

Pike, Langdale (Society Club) - Baker Street Regular.

Ramsey, Herman - Captain of the Eastern Empress.

Shinwell, Porky (The Raven and Rat) - Baker Street Regular.

Shipping Companies - Jaiden, Malten and Co. - Steamship company located in the East Section of the city. It operates several trans-oceanic vessels, including the ships Hercules and Eastern Empress.

Smith, Peter - Nothing on file.

Somerset House - Baker Street Regular.

Tenney, Luther - Nothing on file.

Travis, Philip - Nothing on file.

Turnbull, Ebenezer - The third son of the Earl of Downey. At the age of six he discovered a Roman ruin on the family's country estate. He has led a number of archaeological excursions, notably several to the Luxor-Karnak area where he has made some significant archaeological discoveries.

Uruburu, Anthony - Nothing on file.

Weatherby, Andrew & Clarissa - Nothing on file.

Windibank, James - Professor of Egyptology and Science at London University. Published a paper on the rare antiquities buried in the deserts of Arabia. Has had some difficulty with the anti-vivisectionist league over the past several years.

Time to vote!

You can choose up to, and including, five more locations for the detectives to visit. You're also free to send the Irregulars to another location.

We have enough evidence to Close the case, if there's a majority vote to close the case I will end it before we visit anyone else. I will accept the call if these three questions can be answered correctly:

1. Who killed Ebenezer Turnbull?
2. Who killed Andrew Weatherby?
3. Who killed James Windibank?

If someone can answer these I will end the case with the next update. If you get the three questions correct I will follow up with the questions regarding motives, including the multiple-choice answers, which you can answer for fun.

The voting and questioning time will end Monday, 20th April at 2200 GMT.