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Part 7: Update #4 (Finale, Optimal Playthrough & All Video Clips)

Let's All Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Mummy's Curse (Update #4) Finale

This video contains a visit to Akram Fahmi, taking the case to the judge and Holmes' solution at the end.

Let's Play Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective - The Mummy's Curse

This video is the optimal way to solve the case. I've tried to explain everything with the evidence at hand and I believe that I've put some sort of logic behind each choice. It does help to know the facts after the case is over.

I can't give you a fixed date and time for the start of the next case just yet. I'll be working for five straight days so my free time will be limited and I still have some things to set up. I decided to check out the original CD-Rom of the game, it turns out that each case expects you to peruse through eight different newspapers and work out which articles are relevant to each case. The newspapers in the remastered Consulting Detective cases are tailor-made for each one. I was lucky with the first case as each newspaper provided in-game were direct copies of the scans. The second and third cases have condensed versions of the newspapers with the relevant articles contained in each one. Instead of making you read eight newspapers, I feel that it would be easier to provide you with the condensed newspapers instead. I've already made preparations for the second and third case, I discovered the newspaper situation only last night so I need a little more time to prepare something that isn't an explosion of individual screenshots.

I'm working on a compilation video of each video clip right now, as soon as it is done I will upload it. I will work on the newspapers after I finish work over the next few nights. I'm very amateur when it comes to graphics programs so it may take a day or two to put things together. The next case should start this weekend, hopefully, I'll make sure to give you at least twenty-four hours before I upload the first video.

Bonus Videos
The Mummy's Curse: All Video Clips

These are all of the video clips from The Mummy's Curse. I've provided timestamps in the description for each interview.